Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Solar energy simplified
The sun shines, we collect the sunlight, we convert the sunlight into usable
forms, and we enjoy the benefits. You can’t get any simpler than that. But
okay, I know you need more explanations. You’ve been looking all over the
web for information and you need, no you deserve, more than just a single
sentence. The following would be my attempt in simplifying the concept of
solar energy and I just hope you get something out of it.
The sun produces huge amounts of energy. But what the earth gets is a
pretty small share of that energy. However, even if we get only a miniscule
amount, the energy we receive from the sun is more than enough for our
needs. Believe it or not, a day’s worth of sunlight when harnessed properly
can power a big country like the US for more than a year.
So if that’s how much energy we can get from the sun, why do we rely too
much on fossil fuels which will disappear in 40 to 50 years time? The main
problem is that the sun shines all throughout the world. That energy is so
spread out that harnessing it is really a challenge. But still, there are other
factors at work here, political, economical, and even cultural in nature which
contributes to the slow progress of solar technologies. But that will need a
whole chapter, nay, a whole book to discuss so let’s leave that alone for a