Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Solar energy in households
The sun is a great source of energy. It would be great to use solar energy in
your homes especially nowadays when the prices of oil and gas continue to
increase. Because of the high fuel and gas prices, more and more people
are experimenting on the use of solar energy in their households in their
attempts to minimize the costs of basic utilities.
The sun’s energy can be harnessed in different ways depending on how
you would utilize the end product. There are so called solar collectors which
are placed on the roof tops or used in buildings. The main purpose of these
solar collectors is to provide heating and even ventilation for the houses
and buildings. These collectors harness the sun’s energy by magnifying the
sunlight several times and transferring that heat to air or water. That heated
air or water is stored and will provide the building or home heating and hot
water whenever needed.
The only problem here is that not all places have equal amounts of sunlight.
As you go farther from the equator, the strength of the sun is reduced. But
still, this is a much better solution than relying on electric grids which do not
reach remote areas. It is just a mater of storing the heat generated from the
solar collector properly. For example, some buildings in Sweden utilized an
underground storage facility where solar energy is stored resulting to
savings from heating the building and their water.