Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Net Metering and Solar Energy
You can’t help but get into net metering when you decide to invest in solar
energy because you sometimes consume more or less than what you
actually generate. When you consume less energy, your electric meter
spins backward, if you use more then it goes forward.
Net metering is simply a special metering and billing agreement between
you and the electric service provider. You are eligible for this if you reside in
a residential area and generate some form of energy using solar, wind
energy or a combination of both. It also has to be located on your premises
and connected to the grid.
For this to work, you need to have a meter capable of moving in both
directions. Most meters these days can do that but if your provider wants to
use two meters, they will have to pay for it. However, if you enter into a time
of use billing agreement, you will have to be one to buy the unit.
The net metering agreement works by letting you use the electricity you
generate first before you use what you normally get from your electric
service provider. Your meter should show the net which is measured as the
difference between the electricity you purchased and what you actually