Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

How to Conserve Solar Energy through Your Little Ways
As an ordinary person who lives according to what the day brings, have you
ever thought about how to conserve solar energy? Do you even care? You
may think you are an ordinary worker, or a simple wife or mother. Should
you even care about such things? The answer is yes.
You must bear in mind that you are part of a whole spectrum of nature.
Whatever you do will affect all the things around you. Everything must be
conserved, including solar energy. Here are some suggestions to throw in
your little efforts to achieve this goal.
1. Plant trees. Nature works wonders. Every element around us affects
everything else. By planting trees, you will be able to maximize the energy
coming from the sun. This will be directed to help the plants grow and
produce harvests. With healthy plants and trees rooted to the soil, the soil
will be firm. This will be able to hold its structure even in times of natural
2. Limit your use of the energy coming from the sun. With today’s
innovations, there are lots of things that are being developed to use solar
energy as a power source. The source may be free. But to be able to turn it
to such power source, there are things that are utilized for this reason. If
you will abuse the use of such technology, the crash of the materials used