Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Countries on the helm of solar energy technology
The US is not a leading user of solar energy for a very obvious reason: they
can still afford to buy fossil fuels from the international market. In other
countries the oil prices are ten times higher in the US and sometimes going
for the alternative is a lot better in the long run. Today, more and more
countries are looking at solar energy as a primary source of power. There
are several countries which can be considered as at the helm of solar
energy technology.
The number one use of solar energy is Germany. It captures almost 50% of
the world market of photovoltaic cells. Nowhere else in the world can you
find the most number of households with solar panels installed on their roof
tops. Germany has this Renewable Energies Laws (EEG) which passed in
2000. The law certainly helped Germans feel the need to go renewable.
According to statistics, Germans invested nearly US$5 billion in solar
photovoltaic systems and have contributed considerable in the growth of
the solar energy market. Although most of the things that we see are solar
panels, it doesn’t mean that Germany’s solar industry is not limited to the
production of photovoltaic cells for electricity. Other notable usage in
Germany includes solar panels for home water heating system. Some news
indicate that the German solar hot water market earns fU.S.$1.5 billion per