Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Arguments against solar energy
Between you and me, we know that solar energy is a good renewable
energy resource and that we should start to utilize it more especially when
the Earth’s fossil fuel reserves are slowly dwindling and will run out in 30 to
50 years. We better look at the various alternative energies and begin a
fast tracking of development to hasten our independence on non-renewable
fossil fuels. And solar energy is as good as any other alternative energy
resource out there. However, several arguments against solar energy have
been raised through the years. But probably the most convincing argument
is the high costs of solar energy utilization.
The problem with solar energy is that you can only harness it during the
daytime. And even when the sun is up, the sunlight will be interrupted by
occasional cloud covers, rains, fog, and even smog. So in order to harness
the sun’s energy we need equipment that can get as much solar power as
possible at a given time and we need some way of storing that energy so
we can use them without ay interruptions.
We do have the technology to harness the sun’s energy, convert it into
usable electricity, and store them for future use. And that technology itself is
the primary reason why solar power has not caught on even today. The
process of making solar panels as well as the technology for storing that
harnessed power remains to be quite expensive.