Solar Energy Simplified HTML version

Analyzing the benefits of solar energy
We all know that using solar energy is a good thing to do. We have heard,
and there are quite a number of them, all about the benefits of solar energy
and we can’t agree why we can’t turn this alternative form of energy source
to a primary one. But despite the advantages, solar power has yet to fully
make it in the mainstream. Let’s go back and discuss a couple of the
advantages of solar energy and see why keep going back to fossil fuels for
energy resource.
In the long run, solar power saves money. Initial costs of installation and
operations may be more expensive that other energy forms but after
settling the expenses, you have an energy resource that is free. Nobody
charges for using sunlight, right? The return of investment can also be
shorter depending on how much energy you use. You won’t spend too
much on maintenance either plus those photovoltaic cells can last for 15 to
20 years. There are no mechanical or moving parts to oil and maintain nor
are there parts that need to be replaced yearly.
Of course solar power is environmental friendly. First its renewable not like
fossil fuels which according to studies will be gone in four to five decades.
The process of converting energy to usable electricity does not involve the
release of toxic chemicals which can harm the environment. Carbon
dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, lead, and mercury emissions will