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This e-book was created with the support of individuals in our global, virtual social networks whose postings, comments, questions, and observations were a source of information and inspiration.

We thank the founders, owners, managers and technical support staff of the social media platforms and technology supporting our virtual connections.

The emerging and developing mediums and their leaders enable us to share our interest in and knowledge of social media.

In addition, we thank the users of social media who continue to push and empower us to comment on, develop, implement, and enhance continual technological and systemic improvements in the social media space.


Chapter 1 What Is Socialutions?

Socialutions: A Process, Product or Philosophy?

Six P’s + Leadership = Socialutions

Socialutions: Is It Disruptive Innovation?

How Do You Infect Minds?

Cultural Socialutions – Oxymoron or Logical Thought Process?

Chapter 2 Is It We the Peoples?

How Fast Is Web Time?

Is Time the Driving Factor?

Everything in My Place?

Are You a Billboard?

Who Are the Social Mavericks?

Chapter 3 Has the Game of PR Changed?

Socialutions: What Is PR?

What Are Virtual Chain Reactions?

Do We Really Want Customer Service?

Collaborative Socialutions…Where Does Collaboration Fit In?

Collaborating with Co-Workers and Customers: Socialutions as a Management Strategy

Customers Can Get Satisfaction – With Sunshine Socialutions Chapter 4 Branding in the Virtual World

Are Ads the Only Advertisements?

Will Advertising Methods Shift?

How Long Can They Pretend?

An Iceberg for Brands?

Who Controls Brand Equity?

Chapter 5 How Digital Savvy Are You?

Is Trust the Biggest Factor?

Cabling Together: Is That Comcastic?

Should Companies Play Catchball?

Will Video Create the Next Shift?

A Virtual Broadcast Network?

Is a Socialutions Battle Brewing?

Chapter 6 What Are the Five Social Media Business Factors?

What Are the Enabling Factors?

What Are the Empowerment Factors?

What Are the Engagement Factors?

What Are the Enrichment Factors?

What Are the Enticement Factors?

What Are the Five Social Business Factors?

Chapter 7 An Influence over Capital?

The Freedom or Power of Speech?

How Good Is the Promise?

Does Business Need Innovation?

How Fast Can You Get to Free?

Ready, Fire, Aim?

Does Revenue Come from Free?