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Dr. Ninad Jhala
Social work is the art of bringing various resources bear on individual, group and
community need by the application of a scientific method of helping people to
help themselves.”
A. Pincus & Minahan
Social work is concerned with the interaction between people and their social
environment which affects the ability of people to accomplish their life tasks,
alleviate distress, and realize their aspiration and values.”
The aim of social work, as generally understood, is to remove social injustice,
to relieve distress, to prevent suffering and to assist the weaker member of
society to rehabilitate themselves ans their families and in short fight the five
giant evils of (1) Physical wants, (2) Disease, (3) Ignorance, (4) Squalor,
(5) Idleness.”
Social work is a dynamic activity undertaken by public or private effort in the
implementation of social policy, with a view to raise the standard of living
and to bring about social, economic, political and cultural well-being of the
individual, family and the group with society irrespective of its stage of social
Indian Conference of
Social Work (1957)
Social work is a welfare activity based on humanitarian philosophy, scientific
knowledge and technical skill for helping individuals or community, to live a
rich and full life.”
Social work, “ help an individual in his social functioning. It is based on certain
knowledge foundation, call for skill in human relationship on the part of its
practitioner, and has a set of values furnishing its philosophical base.”
Social work is professional service based on knowledge of human relations
and skill relationship and concerned with problem of intra-personal and or
inter-personal adjustments resulting from unmet individual, group, or
community need.”
Moorthy and Rao
Social work is “ help rendered to any person or group, who is suffering from
any disability, mental, physical, emotional or moral, so that the individual
or group so helped is enabled is enabled to help himself or itself.”
Social Work is the professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or
communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning
and creating societal conditions favourable to this goal. Social Work
practice consists of the professional application of Social Work values,
principles, and techniques to one or more of the following ends: helping
people obtain tangible services; counselling and psychotherapy with
individuals, families, and groups; helping communities or groups provide
or improve processes. The practice of Social Work requires knowledge of
human development and behaviour; of social, economic, and cultural
institutions; and of the interactions of all these factors.
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