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Dr. Ninad Jhala
Social Work includes all voluntary attempts to extend benefits in response
to needs which are concerned with social relationship and which avail
themselves of scientific knowledge and methods.”
The prime function of social work is to give assistance to individuals in regard
to the difficulties they encounter in their use of an organized groups service
or in their performance as a member of an organized group.”
Fink (1942)
Social work is the provision of service designed to aid individuals, singly or in
groups in coping with present or future social problems and obstacles that
prevent or are likely to prevent, full or effective participation in society.”
Social work is a professional service rendered to people for the purpose of
assisting them, as individuals or in groups, to attain satisfying relationships
and standard of life in accordance with their particular wishes and capacities
and in harmony with those of the community.”
Social work is a form of professional service comprising a composite of
knowledge and skills, parts of which are and of which are not distinctive of
social work, which attempts on one hand to help the individuals satisfy their
need in the social milieu and on the other to remove as far as possible the
barriers witch obstruct people from achieving the best of which they are
Social work is that process which deals directly and differentially with persons
who have problems relating primarily to their social solution and witch
endeavours, individual to individual to understand what help is needed and
to assist the individual to find and utilize the help indicate.”
Social work is a professional service , based on scientific knowledge and skill
in human relations, which assist individuals, alone or in groups, to obtain
social and personal satisfaction and independence.”
Social work seeks two things for people: economic well-being and the deeper
source of happiness, that is self-realisation, the stuff of concern is human
behaviour and relationship. Its focus of attention is the individual and his self-
adjustment to a recognized reality.”
Social work is an entity representing three clearly distinguished but inter-
related parts: a network of social services, carefully developed methods
and process and social policy expressed thought social institutions and
individuals. All three are based on a view of human being, their
interrelationships, and the ethical demands made on them.”
Social work seeks to enhance the social functioning of the individuals, singly
and in groups, by activities focused upon their social relationships which
constitute interaction between men and his environment. These activities can
be grouped into three functions: restoration of impaired capacity, provision of
individual and social resources and prevention of social dysfunctions.”
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