Social Media Mastery HTML version

There is so much to say about these two marketing forms that you could
write 10 eBooks on each of them so I am only going to deal with the very
basics of marketing on Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter is a public social media site that allows people to publish micro
blogs. You can write posts up to 140 characters long and send them
around the net.
Twitter for beginners/getting started on Twitter
Skip on to how to get more followers if you are already signed up on
When you remove all the unnecessary stuff that make Twitter complicated
than what it is, then explaining Twitter to beginners is actually fairly easy.
This article will cover the very basics that every beginner needs to know to
quickly get started on Twitter.
How To Sign Up
Before signing up, you need to have an email address. If you don’t, you can
get a free one from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo. Once you’ve got an email
address, simply go to and click on the green Sign Up Now
button. Enter your full name (you can choose to not use your real name),
enter a unique username as well as a password and your email. Once