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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
The Dynamics for Internet Usage in 2004
One Way Communication
In 2004, companies launched their websites in many cases as an “online brochure” basically converting
their print publications into electronic data.
Visionary companies took a different approach and sought out the answer to the question: “How can
we make e-commerce work for us?” These are the companies who collectively helped e-commerce
evolve to its present level of development by utilizing the following services and products:
Companies that deliver search media products/services: $3.1 billion
Related in-house Search Engine Marketing expenses: $618 million
Outsourced Search Engine Marketing services: $380
Search Engine Marketing technology license fees: $30 million
The (Social) Dynamics for Internet Usage in 2009
Two Way Communications
The Internet has evolved from a world of advertising messages to benefit conversations and “how-to”
discussions. The beginning of this new mode of operation is rooted in the interactive features that were
developed as a result of companies searching for ways to capture the attention of their audience, as
shown by the following:
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