Social Media Marketing Secrets for Online Business HTML version

Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
What Makes a Viable Social Network?
Common Purpose: Participants need to network and collaborate with others in their field
Make It Scalable: 12,000 architectural ornament designers and 2 million real estate
professionals in the US don't scale
Critical Mass of Users: Networks are more viable when there are a high number of participants
Make it Attractive: An easy to navigate design and content are top priority
Networks Need Leaders: A high profile works to attract followers: Marc Andreessen, founder of
NING has created a leading DIY social network platform. Where DIY Networks started by
unknowns rarely gain the popularity required to make them viable.
Make it Indispensable: The content and conversations should provide motivation and support
to the audience to the point they rely on the website.
Networks Need Data: Networks must leverage user-generated data to fuel the context of the
It Must Have Integrity: Viable networks prohibit participant spamming. Networks don't work if
participants use it as an advertising platform.
Make it Easy To Use: Networks need simplicity, for example Twitter simplifies broadcasts to the
participant’s network
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