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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
Credibility and Trust: The Big Picture of Authority
The buzzwords of today’s Internet are “open” “transparent” and “credibility or trust.” Your trust value is
determined on the fly by people looking at your profile on any social site and seeing how active you are
and how highly others rate your interaction, whether it is how popular the stories you submit have been
or how many friends recommend you.
Developing trust is no small feat and it’s one of the biggest factors in becoming an authority, here are a
few tips to show visitors your site is the real deal.
Use an aged domain name6. Steer clear of ambiguity using a domain name that's been around
for a while, has been indexed without any spamming issues, collected some inbound links and
Page Rank.
Register your domain name for 10 years. Show that your site is not a fly-by-night operation by
registering the domain name for several years in advance, a point that Google may very well
look into.
Make sure your WHOIS data matches7. Check to see if your WHOIS data matches the contact
information on your site and privacy policy.
Avoid private WHOIS data8. Let search engines and users alike know that you're not afraid to
hide behind a curtain of privacy, and you'll enjoy more authority.
Set up an online press room9. Make it easy for journalists to learn more about your site and
what you do by providing them with the information they seek. This is also a great way to get
more mileage out of your press releases.
Get a SSL certificate10: Deter the Internet gremlins by using a SSL certificate to keep your visitors
safe from prying eyes.
Use a SSL certificate on your web forms11. Even if a security certificate isn't completely
necessary for your site, using one for all of your forms shows that you're paying attention to
security and privacy.
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