Social Media Marketing Secrets for Online Business HTML version

Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing
The relationship between Web 2.0 and social media marketing is simple: from a website owner’s
perspective, Web 2.0 is important because of its focus on user submitted and user controlled content
that many Web 2.0 services and sites allow.
In general terms, when people can make comments, submit content or links to content, and rate or vote
on content, it affects the amount of traffic that content can generate.
The visitors take that control of what shows up in the most prominent places by voting, commenting
and other actions can literally make or break a marketing campaign.
As a marketer, being aware of the best places to show up and how they work will bring you traffic. More
traffic than you ever got without social marketing in many cases.
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