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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
How Can You Become an Authority?
The power of social media marketing is unlimited when you consider the impact of all of the
components combined. Now that you recognize how important it is to become an authority, the
challenge is how to accomplish this goal. To begin, you have a choice of 3 strategies, each with its own
benefits and shortcomings, the tools that you use are dependent on the strategy you select and defining
your goal.
Strategy Number One:
Choose a particular niche and become the best source of information about it. This requires you
topic to be broad enough to prevent type casting without overextending your reach which
would make it impossible to establish yourself as an expert.
Strategy Number Two:
Select complicated industry issues, simplify and explain them.
Strategy Number Three:
Bring a fresh perspective to a subject or break new ground with new concept.
For each one of these strategies, the key word here is communication: your audience must be able to
relate to your contributions and be able to understand your knowledge for your reputation as an expert
to benefit.
It’s important to be honest with yourself in choosing a strategy. Are you especially knowledgeable about
a particular niche? Have you discovered something revolutionary about a specific industry concept? Do
you have an exceptional ability to simplify complex issues and communicate in a way anyone can
In addition to your strategy, there are two other major tasks that create an authority presence in social
media marketing: networking and association.
Become a “Super-Friend”: Be genuine and share your knowledge freely and openly without any
expectations. Creating an authority presence by becoming a super friend require extraordinary
interpersonal skills. When a person is a great friend with a large circle of industry peers, it helps to
create an affinity between the individual and members of the group. This opens the door to showcase
your knowledge and earn their respect.
Choose your company wisely: The saying goes: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Emulate the
authority you most admire and associate with other authorities. In social media marketing, your
associations form part of the public perception of your website. Everything associated with your
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