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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
What’s the Big Deal about Authority – Who Cares Anyway?
The Internet users you want to reach care along with Google and the other search engines. Here’s why
you should care as well: the true goal of creating an authority website is to achieve sustainable high
rankings in the search engines. At best, high rankings without authority can only be sustained for a short
period of time.
Many website operators may have a fair amount of skepticism, perhaps thinking about the amount of
time, effort and money required to achieve the rank of an authority. However while time and effort is
par for the course in authority development, a huge budget is not. Consider these two successful
examples of using social media marketing and who truly understand this concept; Dosh Dosh (the
website illustrated in Figures 1, 2, and 3) and These have become two of the best
known and most valued website authorities with small staffs and budgets. Other examples are websites
that function as an information hub, for example some of the largest websites on the Internet are
directories which utilize social media marketing.
The implications of this strategy are far-reaching; it changes the scope of search engine marketing as
well as the content that you produce and the networks you join.
Now the main question to ask before you act is: How does this help to establish me as an authority in
my field?
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