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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
What are the Characteristics of Experts?
These two groups share similar traits that make it easy to identify them:
Provides public access to their knowledge: An expert knows how to translate highly
specialized information to a format that is easily understood by anyone. For instance explaining
the impact of a news event and providing the information in a way the reader can utilize.
Up-to-date and well-versed in current industry news: Especially in social media marketing
there is a heavy emphasis on being well-informed. The information you distribute has to be
factual and accurate, otherwise it can lead to serious problems. An expert is well informed in
regard to all the latest developments in their niche which places them in the position of being
consulted when there are questions on issues, or to make announcements that pertain to their
Broaden the perspective: Because they are acknowledged experts, this affords them the
ability to change the perceptions and perspectives. Experts can bring new information to light,
and test the validity of traditional concepts or practices by introducing new ideas or principles,
theory or terminology from related fields of interest.
Accumulate and validate information: Experts are selective in the information that they
disseminate, filtering the content they provide for their audience. They distill the most vital data
from the content and bring together related viewpoints or discussions to provide a
comprehensive overview of the issue. This allows others to contribute ideas on how to move
forward toward a solution.
Research, research and more research. Experts study the phenomenon of current events
more thoroughly than others and because of this they have access to knowledge that is unique.
They also analyze current events or perform case studies to support their theories.
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