Social Media Marketing Secrets for Online Business HTML version

Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing:
User Contributions and Control
Social media marketing is a process; it works from a personal perspective. The emphasis here is on the
person first and their business interests second. This marketing approach shifts from an impersonal
advertisement to a personal profile: Your commercial venture now has a human face. By becoming a
member of a social network, you are identifying with the common perspective of the group.
Similar to joining any social group, there is a period of time where you interact with others, discuss
issues and contribute to the network conversations. You share information about yourself, what you do
professionally as well as your leisure time interests.
As your circle of friends grows, you begin to tailor your dialogue with each of them to address their area
of interest. When coupled with efficiency and focus, social media marketing creates the best branding,
link building and search engine marketing strategy.
The wave of interactive applications that has become a part of the Internet today opened the door for
Internet users to contribute and control content on company websites; blog comments and customer
forums are just two examples.
The advent of websites dedicated to user contributed content takes this desire of the Internet user to
express themselves to the next level.
However social media is about generating a conversation. For example, inviting comments on a story.
This act doesn’t create a community. Social media is used in many cases to organize a network or
community around a common interest, but community and social media are two separate entities.
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