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Social Media Marketing for Business – A Personal Guidebook
How Do We Define Social Media Marketing?
(Courtesy Marta Kagan)
Instead of asking what is social media marketing, asking why social media marketing is important to you,
would provide you with more verifiable information. In a nutshell, social media marketing represents
the evolution of the Internet. In the introduction to this section, social media marketing is defined as
“the art and science of building relationships throughout every phase of the business cycle.”
The e-commerce technology used on the Internet has dramatically expanded the possibilities for
companies to deliver goods and services to their audience. At the same time it has also created a more
sophisticated consumer who has the ability to compare your product to others based on reliability,
price, features and consumer confidence.
To fully grasp the potential of social marketing, think of it as the infrastructure of Internet activity. Every
user has a network of sites that they visit for news, social interaction entertainment, communication
and reference.
Visit and you will see any and all of these features on any profile. Where search engines
help people find your website, the social networking websites bring your company directly into the
Internet user's world.
Similar to the skepticism regarding the viability of e-commerce, the social networks in 2006 were
considered to be no more than a fad.
Then suddenly, the marketing potential of social networks was exposed when one company pushed the
envelope with the launch of a “bulletin” that was a well crafted, soft-sell. The company issued
invitations to all of their “friends” on MySpace and drove an avalanche of visitors to their site.
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