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What Is Social Media?
It seems that everyone is trying
to define social media and how
to measure its ROI.
I get asked “what is social
media?” from every client I
engage with. Everywhere I look
online, people are presenting
videos, presentations, white
papers and even books that
offer their spin on the definition of social media.
Since all this social stuff is fairly new and evolving, definitions change. So do people’s
perception of what it is. After reading, hearing and watching everyone’s definition, I
thought about their perspectives. Then I thought about whether these perspectives
effectively tell the story. Having something of a simple mind myself, I thought I’d try and
condense the definitions down to something I hope is useful for everyone.
Social Media Is What?
When you break it all down,“social media is communications.” Communications is
nothing new, except now the power of communicating has exploded with the
participation of hundreds of millions of people engaging in dialog one-to-one to
millions. If you haven’t noticed, there are over 200 million blogs, millions of YouTube
video, billions of tweets, millions of individuals connecting on social networks. What are
all these people doing? Communicating!
How Are We Communicating?
Social technology has simply accelerated communications. Before, people and
institutions relied on phones, email, television, radio, marketing material and advertising
to communicate. Now they all rely on this process called social media. Social
media is a communications process leveraged by technology.
Yet the old process of communicating has shifted to a process that provides reach,
richness, and affinity and enriched collaborationefforts. By the way, it is all
instantaneous with no delays. Plus it pulls people and entire markets into conversations,
instantaneously. How are we communicating? Instantaneously!
Simply stated, social media is a communication process that is revolutionizing
everything tied to communication;which, by the way, happens to be everything.
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