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Roxanne Chapter one part 1 -Alexander
My childhood was happy until she came, l saw her murder my father
through a peek hole l was watching her. When she protested
strongly that it was one of my fathers guards, everyone believed her
and l did not say a word for the fear of what she might do to me. l
was betrothed to Alexander the king of Macedonia, everyone knew
this fact, even her. She forced me to be a scullery maid so that
nobody would know me when the time came to marry king
Alexander and that time did come. And when it did come she kicked
me out of the castle. She said to me;
“Get out, they’ll never know who you are now anyway you scum”
she says turning me out. How dare she, it’s a good thing that she
never had a son with my father. Now that l was gone what would
become of my brothers Samuel and Kane, would she kill them too
and claim their throne for herself. l hoped not. So l write a warning
letter to my brothers warning them of the upcoming danger,
She killed our father now for the fear that she might kill you join me,
dear brothers that scum queen forced me to be a scullery maid in my
own home, l am at the castle inn, see you, we will return to our castle
when she is dead, your loving sister Roxanne.
l send the letter to the castle hoping that my brothers would get it,
not she.
There is a letter for me, by my sister of course, l quickly read it. l get
Samuel and show him the letter,
“So do you think we should join her?” he asks.
“Yes of course if it keeps us alive, if only she would abdicate” l say.