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Smart Travel Online: The Noob Guide to Online Marketing…
It takes a lot of work - although not as much as writing all this - so no whining please. In order to be successful you have
to plan for the long haul. Read it, absorb it and put it into practice. Also remember to give a shout out on Twitter (using
the hashtag #noobmarketing) as you progress through your marketing marathon (and join the discussion with other
Landing Pages as Marketing Glue
You’ll notice how landing pages have been positioned in the wheel as what I call the “marketing glue” that holds your
activities together. They sit in the middle of many marketing and sales funnels and do a great job of focusing your
customers on what they should be doing. You don’t always need them (12/50 tasks here call on them), but when you do
they can make a big difference in the your conversion performance. I covered the reasoning and purpose of landing pages
in an earlier guest post called The 12-Step Landing Page Rehab Program so I won’t delve into that again, instead I’ll just
point out where, when and how you should be using them.
The Wheel of Marketing
8 of the core components of an Internet marketing strategy are covered here (there are more, but I have my limits). I’ll give
you a brief overview of each and why it’s important. As an alternative to following the 6-month course you could tackle
each of these channels as an independent track by following the task lists.
Social media marketing (SMM)
The new darling of the marketing community still gets grumbles from the old -schoolers. Ignore them for they know
not what they say. SMM is a massive topic, so for the noob guide we’ll focus on a few key platforms: Twitter,
Facebook, LinkedIn. And a few key strategies: developing a style and how to convert your social traffic.
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