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Smart Travel Online: The Noob Guide to Online Marketing…
April 1, 2011 Posted By Smart Travel Online – Steven Chester
“Get me to page 1 of Google, while emailing our customers a bi-week ly newsletter, engaging influencers on Twitter,
maintaining a captive Facebook audience, capturing new leads, and putting out 3 blog posts a week.” Harsh? Yes.
Familiar? Definitely.
Everything a Non-Marketer Needs to Take a Business from Zero to Hero Online
What you are about to read might be a little shocking. Why? Because it’s so freakishly long. It contains a 6-month action
plan for marketing your business online and if you can read it all in one go you’re a hero or a raging insomniac. I’d
recommend bookmarking it to use as an ongoing reference guide. Let the story and the course begin...
A typical marketing storyline
You’ve just been put in charge of “Internet marketing” at your new sweatshop startup (don’t worry, I live there too -
replete with rusty sewing machines and fake Nike stitching patterns). What do you do? Where do you start? There are so
many elements to online marketing that it’s hard to know where to begin.
It’s much more than just one job. At the very least it’s 8 distinct disciplines. I know because I try to do them all and
I’m stretched to my limit.
With that in mind, I’d like to present you with:
A 15,000,000 pixel infographic (that’s fifteen million colored squares, which could make it the largest
infographic in history). Note how the graphic looks like a giant “i” (which is also the first letter of the word
infographic). *Taps self on shoulder for the clever artistic reference.*
Part 1 is a cogged wheel showing 50 tasks broken down by discipline. If you print it out you can tear off each
cog or mark the little check boxes as you complete each task.Part 2 is a six month course to teach you how to
become an internet marketer whether you’ve done it before or not. Compress the timeline if you’re a
workaholic. It also contains a traffic timeline showing the effect certain actions will have on your inbound traffic
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