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of it quickly right now. What's been filling your time? What's been filling your heart? What have you been using to jus t
fill yourself up? Can be all kinds of things that comfort you and make you feel better, but at the end it's all the same.
We become asleep and don't realise demons have come into our life, then they ruin us. They ruin our legacy, they
ruin our lives. I've seen it over the years, never quite understood why it happened, it's a spirit power. Stand up. Just
come back to the Lord. Why don't you say like Samson, oh Lord, remember me, REMEMBER ME! REMEMBER ME!
God remembered him - or like Elijah, you go back and face that situation.
Perhaps you've yielded to fear, and yielded to words of accusation, murder, hate, death. They've come around your
soul and life and shut you down. Lord, you need to break the power of those words, need to cancel those words,
need to rise up and forgive those people, get that hurt out of your heart. Or maybe it's more like the disciples; you've
had a lot of sadness, and various things have disappointed you, and you've just shut down inside. That thing's got
control of you, you're no longer the person you used to be, because something wounded you. Well I've got good
news. Jesus died and carried our sorrows on the cross.
Let's just pray together. I believe this is a fresh word. I never read about this anywhere. I felt it's something God just
showed to me and I believe it's spiritually present across our nation, and it's affected us as a church, definitely
affected me, probably for about a decade. I can see it now, and I'm after it. So I'm going to rise up, God will help.
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· Isaiah 52:1-2 - “Awake, awake, put on your strength oh Zion, put on your beautiful garments oh Jerusalem, the Holy City”
- Call to the church to awaken from sleep and to arise into its' proper place of operation
- Awake = 5782 = to open the eyes, stir self up, arouse from place o f sleep
- Prophetic call to the church that requires a faith action – response
- Personal Word: “Awake, awake from your slumber of Jezebel…”
What is the Slumber of Jezebel?
a) Jezeb el: 1 Kings 16:31-32
· Jezebel = Baal exalts, under the favour o f Baal, not cohabiting with
· T he 1st portrayal in the bible as a wicked queen who killed prophets and established idolatry
· Next portrayed in the Bible – Revelation 2:20 – as a person with the same evil character and intent
· T wo different eras – same spiritual power exercising a destructive in fluence on the people of God
· Operates to seduce = 4105 = to wander away from safety, from truth, go astray
· Operates to intimidate and control
i) External Spiritual Pressure – „Outer Space' Ephesians 6:12
ii) Internal Spiritual Pressure – „Inner Space' entering through personal
strongholds 2 Corinthians 10:4
- How we think and behave
- Spiritual powers seducing people, and the people beginning to yield to them
b) Slumber Romans 11:8
· Slumber = to sleep, be in a state of in activity
· Spiritual Slumber
- Spiritual sensitivity dull
- Cannot see or hear spiritually
- Unaware of spiritual influences at work, can't do anything about it
- Living in a „trance' – unaware what is happening
- Ultimately it leads to a loss of hope and destiny
c) Slumber of Jezebel – spiritual power that shuts you down, no strength, become weak:
· State of spiritual dullness and the lack of awaren ess brought on by yielding to the invisible activity of the Jezeb el power
· One of the major caus es of this is spiritual laziness
· Proverbs 19:15 - “Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep”
3. Bible Examples:
· T here are several examples o f people who came under the influen ce o f this invisible activity of the Jezebel power
i) Judges 16:19-21 - Samson: “she made him sleep on her knees”
· Samson forgot his identity, forgot his calling as a mighty deliverer
· He opened his soul to the Jezebel spirit through sexual sin, false com forts
· He was spiritually unaware o f the danger, focused com fo rt on Delilah – v 5,9 – 5 lords of the Philistines waiting there
· He lost his crown of dominion, and he did not know it v20
· He lost his vision, his strength, his destiny and was brought into bondage
· T he Jezebel spirit strips people of strength, vision, hope => bondage
· When Samson repented his strength was restored. T he power of God came around him again
· Arise to this spirit, don't let it steal your dreams, inheritance and legacy of the next generation
· Spirit power requires spiritual weapons
· If you get connected with the living God you will be stronger than ever
ii) 1 Kings 19:1-5 - Elijah: “he lay and slept under a broom tree”