Slumber of Jezebel HTML version

First of all have a look in 1 Kings, Chapter 16. The word awaken means to open your eyes, wake up out of sleep, rise
into your proper place of operation. So when the Bible is talking about awakening, it's referring to a sleepy condition,
where people are not operating nor functioning as they ought to. Now if we go in to the Old Testament in 1 Kings,
Chapter 16, you'll find the first reference to this person called Jezebel. I don't want you just to label any woman, or
anything like that; I want you think in terms of spirit powers, unseen spirit powers that operate in th e spirit world.
Notice here it says now Ahab - Verse 30 - the son of Omri did more evil in the sight of the Lord than all the kings that
came before him. And it came to pass, as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the
son of Nebat, he took as a wife Jezebel the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Sidonians; and he went and served Baal
and worshiped him. Then he set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal, which was built in Samaria. And he made
a wooden image. Ahab did provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger more than the kings of Israel that came before
So this is the first mention of this name Jezebel, and the name means literally, if you look at the roots of it, it means
Baal or Baal exalts. It means one who has the favour of Baal upon her. It means one who is unhusbanded, or
operates independently. That's the meaning of the name. Now what happened was the nation of Israel got into an
alliance with another nation, the Sidonians, and they came into alliance by mar riage. The king of Israel, who should
have stood up and led the nation of Israel to walk with God, trusted God for prosperity; instead he entered into an
unholy or ungodly alliance. He married this woman Jezebel, and immediately opened his life to the infl uence of the
spirit power behind her. Her father was a priest of Baal, and so she introduced the worship of Baal and Ashtaroth,
and I'll expand a bit about that perhaps another session.
But Baal means literally husband or lord, so if you said the word Lord , it's the word Baal. Baal means Lord, means the
husband, it means one who provides, and so Baal. Baal worship was a problem right through the Bible. Baal was a
god of war. Baal was a god of fertility, so whenever you see the god Baal, there was an introdu ction of violence, of
war, of the slaying of innocent children, of sexual promiscuity, temple worship, temple prostitution. All of those things
lay behind that spirit of Baal, so wherever Baal was worshipped or lifted up, the nation became corrupted with t he
spirit of idolatry, and a spiritual heaviness settled over the nation. So Jezebel was the daughter, and she introduced
worship of Baal, worship of Ashtaroth into the nation, and instead of the nation having an open spiritual heaven,
miraculous provision, miracles of God, there was a brass heaven over the nation - no prophetic flow. Jezebel set out
to destroy all messengers of the Lord, so she came against the prophet. She destroyed prophets wherever she could
find them, and raised up instead her own prophetic messengers.
They brought a message which they called prophecy, but it was actually speaking words that were demonically
empowered and seduced the nation. The nation came under it, literally fell asleep spiritually. In the New Testament,
the name Jezebel turns up in Revelations, Chapter 2 and Verse 21, another era in history, another generation,
another people, a different person, but the same spirit. It talks in there about that spirit operating prophetically within
the church, seducing, causing an influence that drew people away from God, and drew them into sexual sin and all
kinds of independence of God. So God has spoken in the Old Testament, the New Testament, same spirit power, the
same kind of operation, literally to lead people astray, so they d on't walk in the destiny that God had for them. They
don't fulfil the plan God had for them, and so that's that spirit power, operating to cause the people of God to be
drawn from what they should be doing.
The Bible's very clear, it tells us that there are spiritual powers. In Ephesians it tells us, in Ephesians 6 and Verse 12,
that there is an invisible spirit world, in which spiritual powers operate. I think anyone who's got any sense or
sensitivity, recognises spiritual atmospheres when you go to different places. Some places, very heavy, very
oppressed; some places very heavy, very cold; some places you can literally feel the corruption there. There is a
resident atmosphere or spiritual power operating, but they don't just operate from the spirit realm. They find
expression through the lives of people, so when you look at the woman Jezebel, there was an invisible spiritual
power, but it found an expression through a person who had yielded to that. So in 2 Corinthians 10:4 it tells us that
there are strongholds. Strongholds are positions in our life that allow demonic powers to influence how we think, how
we behave, how we act, even how we view life. They gain access if your life is broken and damaged. That's why
people need deliverance. Why do you need deliverance? To get your life cleaned up of demonic influence.
Why do you need restoration and healing? To close the doors in your heart and soul, so they don't operate any more.
So spiritual powers gain their influence by seducing people to believe a lie, a nd begin to yield to them. In the nation at
this time, in this particular nation, there was like a spiritual heaviness, a lack of the flow of the prophetic, a lack of the
miraculous, a lack of the supernatural, and a spiritual power was resident, operating in the nation through people.
God hates that spirit operating. He hates it because it destroys the identity of His people, it destroys who the people
of God are, it shuts down the church from being supernatural. It comes as a heaviness, oppression, that c auses loss
of destiny, loss of purpose, loss of identity, and loss of strength.