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Don't back down! Don't back down! Don't isolate, don't give in to fear. Engage support from close friends, share your
heart, pains, struggles, griefs, concerns , and show them how they can stand with you and be supportive of you. The
key strategy that Elijah failed to do, when Elijah isolated he left himself open to the spirit of death and came into
agreement with it. Jesus did not isolate, and He overcame the sp irit of death and the fear of death - so what did He
do? He poured out His heart - a real difficulty for men to pour out their heart and to open up their lives because of
fear. Fear keeps everything secret. What's secret is a place of darkness. The devil can come in around them, the
things which are secret. Pride is a big issue. We want to look good, want to have our appearances - don't want
anyone to see us weak and vulnerable, yet true humility is quite vulnerable, quite open.
Shame - when Adam and Eve felt shame about their condition, they withdrew and hid from God. Shame will cause
you to hide and run away as well, but God's remedy is not to do any of those things. It's to say to close people, I need
you to help me and stand with me at this time. Now wha t did He do? So we know what He didn't do; He didn't back
down, He didn't isolate, He didn't retreat. What He did do, was He gathered friends, shared His heart, asked them to
stand with Him, and showed them how He wanted them to do that. Then He got into p rayer. He did not lean totally on
the friends, He got into prayer, and so you notice here it says He went a little further. He went further. Everyone else
did a little bit of praying; He went further, because this is His life, and He needed to personally b reak through. He
went further. The Bible says as He prayed, He was wrestling, because everything in Him wanted to back off,
everything in Him wanted to quit, everything in Him wanted to draw back from dying, and so it was a wrestle to stand
His ground and do the will of God, fulfil His destiny.
In Luke 22 it says, as He prayed, it says it's like He prayed in agony, or literally, He was contending with a spiritual
adversary so strongly, sweat came off Him, and it was a huge emotional spiritual ordeal. He lit erally contended with
what was against Him, so fervent, strong, believing prayer. In Hebrews 7, Verse 5 I think it is, it says strong crying,
tears, He pushed into God to bring an answer to earth. The Bible says in Luke 22, an angel strengthened Him. Then
He came to the place; Father, not My will but Your will be done. He broke through to the place of rest and confidence
in the will of God. One last thing He did which is not mentioned here but it's mentioned elsewhere in Hebrews,
Chapter 12, Verse 2. It says: for the joy that was set before Him, He despised the cross and all the shame it brought.
In other words He kept His eyes set on what lay the other side of the battle. He kept His eyes set on the victory, He
kept His eyes set on vision, kept His eyes set on multitudes of men and women, every nation redeemed.
So we see the divine strategy to beat witchcraft, very simple. Don't back down - like Winston Churchill, never, never
quit. Don't back down. Don't back down to your fears. Don't isolate and withdraw. Don't shut down and become
passive, but do draw friends into your life and share your heart and struggles with them, and share how they can
stand with you. Invite them to stand with you. Even if it's not perfect and it's not complete, it's still a divine s trategy.
They may not fully understand. They may not fully help, but at least you've drawn them in, and done what God said to
do. Then stand in prayer. Sometimes the Bible says having done all, stand. Sometimes you're not going forward, but
at least you're not going back. At least you're standing there - that word stand is like a couple of WWF wrestlers and
they're in the ring. You know, they get them in the corners, and then they rush into the centre, they lock like that, and
no one's moving. They're waiting for who's going to get the first hold. That's the kind of thing, stand!
If you're facing pressure, make a decision not to go the path Elijah did and isolate, not to go it alone. It's so easy to do
that. Make the decision that's not going to be my future . I've looked and had a great privilege this last two or three
months while I've been fasting. Joy's been standing with me, we've been fasting, we've seen a lot of things. Actually
had the privilege of being able to see what's happened in our lives and the church here, seen what's happened in
churches around us, seen what's happened in churches in our nation. Had a great privilege, great insight into what's
happening, and what I see is how spiritual witchcraft in our nation shut down the move of God about a decade ago,
so churches are passive and struggling and weak. Now there's some great churches in the nation, and ask what
supernatural is happening around them, have a look for the miracles, have a look for the power, have a look for the
deliverance, have a look for the gifts of the spirit. Have a look for ordinary people flowing in power. You see that's
what God's wanting to do, to raise up a great people and strong, but it's no go -it-alone, one-man ministry thing. It's
about us, us rising, us standing together, us being together, US being a family, US agreeing together, US being able
to be open, [applause] US standing up and saying GOD, WE BELIEVE FOR BREAKTHROUGHS over these kinds of
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· Ecc 4:9-12
“…9 Two are better than one…because they have a good reward for their labor….10 For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is
alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up. …11 Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; but how can one be warm alone? …12
T hough one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord cannot be broken.”
· T here is multiplied strength when we stand together
· T here is multiplied problems when we isolate and go it alone