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Slumber of Jezebel (2 of 3)
Sun 8 Nov 2009 « Back to Top
Open your Bible now with me in Isaiah 52. I want to just finish what I was sharing just a week or so ago, and we look
in Isaiah 52. I spoke, started to share a message, the first part of it. It was called the Slumber of Jezebel, an
interesting title, and I'll explain it in just a moment. But I want us to read in this verse here in Isaiah 52, the first cou ple
of verses, and the prophet is speaking to the church, speaking to Israel of his day. He says wake up, wake up! Isn't
that amazing? Wake up! Now that's an interesting thing, to speak to me: wake up. If he's telling them to wake up they
must have been... [Asleep.] ...asleep. When people are asleep, you're not aware what goes on when yo u're asleep. In
fact when you're asleep, that's when thieves come into your house if you've left the door open.
When you're asleep you're unaware of what's going on around you. When you're asleep things can be happening that
can be affecting you, but you don't know because you are asleep, and so there's a natural sleep: you fall asleep
naturally, then you're unaware of what's going on around you. But you can also fall into a spiritual slumber, and
clearly here God is speaking to the church, wake up! Wake up ! He's speaking and stirring the church to wake up.
God's speaking to the church of New Zealand, wake up! Wake up! Look what's happening! Look what's going on in
the nation. Look what's happening in families, look what's happening to the next generation. W ake up church! I've
called you to do something. I've called you to make a difference. So He says: wake up! Wake up! Put on your
strength, the strength that a believer has is the anointing power and life of the spirit of God. Put on the Holy Ghost!
Get fresh anointing around your life, wake up out of this slumber, and get back into a life flow of God.
Then He says put on your beautiful garments, garments of praise, garments of righteousness. Jerusalem, you're a
holy city, a holy people, that's who you are. Then He said: the uncircumcised and unclean shall no longer come to
you. In other words, let purity come round your life. Begin to be focussed. You're called to do something. Then He
challenges them, shake yourself out of the dust. Many times you want someone to pray for us, but God says: shake
yourself, shake yourself out of living at such a low level, and begin to live a life of purpose, passion and commitment
to Jesus Christ. He says: sit down, O Jerusalem! Or literally, take your positioning that God has given to you, a
positioning where you can exercise spiritual authority, and then loose the restrictions that you've lived with. Isn't that
an amazing thing? We read that, and it's as relevant for today as it was 2000 or 3000 years ago when it was first
written. God's speaking to us to wake up out of unawareness, to wake up and begin to shake ourselves, begin to rise
up in a new strength of God.