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The Slumber of Jezebel
Mike Connell
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Jezeb el set out to destroy all messengers of the Lord, she destroyed prophets wherever she could find them, and
raised up instead her own prophetic messengers. They b rought a message which they called prophecy, b ut it was
actually speaking words that were demonically empowered and seduced the nation. The nation came under it,
literally fell asleep spiritually. In the Old and New Testament, the same spirit power, the sa me kind of operation, to
lead people astray, so they don't walk in the destiny that God had for them.
The Slumber of Jezebel
Slumber of Jezebel (1 of 3) The Bible's very clear, that there is an invisible spirit world, in which s piritual powers
operate (Eph 6:12). The nation of Israel got into an alliance with another nation, the Sidonians, by marriage. He
married this woman Jezebel, and immediately opened his life to the influence of the spirit power behind her. Her
father was a priest of Baal, and so she introduced the worship of Baal and Ashtaroth.
Spiritual Slumber (2 of 3) Church in the west, on the most, is in a state of spiritual slumber, unaware of the powers at
work in the nation to destroy the legacy that's been built over years. God's speaking to us to wake up out of that
spiritual slumber. Jezebel was a woman in the Old Testament, also a woman in the New Testament, but I want to get
your eyes off 'woman'. I want you to get your e yes on 'spiritu al power, entering and oppressing a nation'.
Recognising & Withstanding Jezebel's attack (3 of 3) This spiritual attack seeks to: shut down the prophetic flow; and
remove any Godly authority out of their position. You become fea rful, isolate, or lose perspective. God just got Elijah
to have a good long sleep and rest, gave him a bit of food, took him into a place of relationship and connection,
started to put anointing back into him, re-fired him and commissioned him. Elijah was a loner, and God got him out of
being a loner, made him connect and actually get into a team flow.
Slumber of Jezebel (1 of 3)
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