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had decided to drive his motorbike to the South. It had taken him
several days hard driving to reach Bangkok where he changed his
plan and caught a bus the rest of the way. He was undecided where
to leave his bike in Bangkok and in a moment of bravado he drove
it to the car park and the Central Police Station. He made the
appearance of entering the building and suddenly stopped and
asked a police office if his bike would be okay in the car park.
“Of course!” said the policeman. “This is a police station.”
Encouraged by the officer’s reply, he left the bike at the car park
while he was in the South and eventually caught the train back to
Chiang Mai with the motorbike in the goods van.
Monkol and Num were amused at Yann’s story and changed their
mind about driving all of the way to Bangkok. Instead they decided
to break their journey in Tak and Nakon Sawan and then return via
Sukhothai to see the Buddhist Temple ruins.
They were both looking forward to their overnight at Tak . They
had booked a room at a very reasonable rate at the Viang Tak
Riverside Hotel.
The drive from Lampang to Tak took nearly five hours. So me of
the time the road was though a plateau of rice fields . At others, it
wound its way through the forested hills. Everywhere there were
signs alerting everyone to the danger of forest fires.
As they passed the turn to Bumbphipol Dam Monkol called out to
“Hey shall we take a side trip and go and see the big lake there?