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Sleeping With Ghosts
Monkol and Num left Chiang Mai long before dawn. They had
been planning this trip for some time and at last the day had come.
Both were students at CMU, the University of Chiang Mai,
completing their final year before taking their BA in tourism.
Highway 11 to Lamphun is straight and flat and they made good
time on their motor scooters, which although old, were well
maintained and in good running order. Traffic was quite light and
they „jumped’ many of the red traffic lights along the way.
After Lamphun the road began to rise with many bends as it
climbed onwards and upwards into the mountains separating
Lamphun and Lampang. The rising sun was directly in their eyes
as they crested the mountain and they pulled over into the service
centre to refresh themselves and wait for the sun to rise a little.
Monkol handed Num a bottle of still cold water as they lay on a
grassy bank outside of the service centre.
“How long do you think that it will take us to get to Lampang?”
“Hmm. No more than an hour – it is downhill for most of the way
and the road is in good condition. We’ll fill up with benzene at the
petrol station there. We can load up with snacks and drinks at the
“Do you think that we will make Tak by nightfall?”
“For sure, maybe we will even stop at Thoen for lunch.”
This adventure had been planned for many weeks and Num and
Monkol had been inspired by Yann, a French student at C MU, who