Slayer's Awakening HTML version

“Hello, what can I do for you today?” The Bishop said.
“It is not what you can do for me, but what can I do for you?” Jacob said while setting
down the case on the table. “I heard you been having some trouble of late. I am here to make it
all better. Just have a seat.”
“I don’t understand. What troubles am I having? What are you going to do? Who are you?”
The Bishop said.
Without answering, Jacob opened his case and after a couple of seconds, a bright white
light filled the room. When the blinding light dimmer to the normal setting, the Bishop was
standing alone.
“Master Sands, I don’t think they are here. We must be going the wrong way,” Said a
pudgy elf with pointy ears and dark hair. Many people knew him as Jacob but it seemed as
though in this world he was given the title of “Master” A title fit for a hero.
“I don’t know Jelly; I have a feeling this has to be the right way,” Master Sands said.
As they walked along the path, the tranquillity of the moon’s reflection in the darkened
lake gleamed beneath the rippling surface. It was a cold night, and Master Sands felt the light
breeze tightening his face, but the weather was mostly gloomy there. He tried to swat away the
trails of golden streams glittering nearby. They bothered his brown eyes, which his shaggy, dark
red hair slightly covered as it grew covering the tops of his ears.
Master Sands marched along the path in his silver armor adorned with a black trim border
and silky white cape. One would think the clunky armor would make a maddening clatter, but
the well-fitted suit did not make a sound. The only sounds they heard were the operatic sounds of
insects telling their story for anybody that wants to hear it. Master Sands looked ahead and
became aware of the tall white stone churches. There were several of them standing throughout
the long pathway.
“Ah Master, I still don’t believe this is the right way. We must turn...” Suddenly, a black
shiny arrow, passed through Jelly’s body sporting a brown tunic and green sleeves, hitting
Master Sands in the left shoulder. Then, a slow rush of blood dripped down the silver and black
metal shell.