Slayer's Awakening HTML version

The Past, 1953 AD
With a quick glance at the date Jacob Sands thought, Hey, today’s my birthday. If you
knew him, he was 24. If you didn't, he was 43.
Jacob sat and enjoyed the rest of his newspaper at the local café. He took a moment to
watch the compact cars pass by the immaculate gray stone fountain. He counted how many times
the water streams leaped from rock to rock. He looked dazed, lost in a moment where no one else
“Will that be all for you today?” The waiter said.
“Excuse me sir,” The waiter said in an Italian accent.
Jacob shook off his daydreaming look.
“Sir...” The waiter said again.
“Yes. I’m sorry what did you say?” Jacob said.
“Oh, yes, that will be all for me. Wait, can I just have one more cup.”
“Very well sir.”
The waiter filled his cup one last time before giving him his change. Jacob took his final
sips and continued staring at the streams, finishing his thought process. Feeling satisfied, he got
up and threw the change into the relaxing fountain. The nostalgic flopping of the water reflected
to his younger days of skipping rocks at the lake.
Just before Jacob walked down the busy street, away from the green and white striped
awning, he briefly stared into the sun and continued to walk. He waved his hat for an instant, just
to feel the cool air across his neck.
He headed down towards the nearby church wanting to meet someone he had never seen
before, but would recognize instantly. If he were a local there, they would recognize his black
case with the silver handle he always carried. When he reached the white stone church, he read
the sign on wall: SAN PIETRO. He gently pushed against the dark brown wooden church door.
He noticed a man dressed in white with a glowing aura outlining his body as if a four-year-old
child colored him in yellow.
“Hello Bishop,” Jacob said.