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To Selma Fraiberg:
She brought light to so many
kinds of darkness
— T. G.
To my mother
— C. S.
Copyright 1986 (First Edition) by Ted A. Grossbart, Ph.D.
Copyright 1992 (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Ted A. Grossbart, Ph.D.
Copyright 2009 (Digital Edition) by Ted A. Grossbart, Ph.D.
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Grossbart, Ted A.
Skin Deep : a mind/body program for healthy skin / Ted A.
Grossbart and Carl Sherman. – 2nd ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0-929173-11-2 (trade pbk.) : $14.95
1. Skin – Diseases – Psychosomatic aspects. 2. Mental
3. Hypnotism — Therapeutic use. 4. Mind and body.I. Sherman,
Carl. II. Title.
RL72.G76 1992
616.5’08 — dc20
Revised and Expanded Edition
ISBN 0-0929173-11-2
ISBN 13 978-92173-11-5
Edited by Denice A. Anderson
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