Six Sigma in Education HTML version

Circles) have created the value based concept as a simile for the Six Sigma
standards. It infuses a spike of excellence, emotional development,
humaneness and self discipline. The fact lies with the acception of the novice
ideas by the school principals and the decision makers of how to install and
implement the cause of Education to make it the need of the hour by
implementing the best media possible to laminate the success of each and
every child, making them Good and Smart. The mission should be to Make Every
Child a Gift of God to Mankind and A Pride of the Human Race.
The six sigma implementation evolves around the following:
Here lies Six Sigma: The culture of Six Sigma suggests a work environment and
quality of work life where everyone in the company desires to achieve the Six
Sigma target, to increase customer satisfaction, to increase efficiency, to
lower costs and to improve profitability. This culture provides an important and
continuing focus to management. The Six Sigma quality concept penetrates —
applying to all processes within a company — whether ‘defective’ means an
out-of-spec time coming off a production line, the amount of ‘re-work’ in a
batch of a product, a document with a misprint, or a late delivery time. The
implementation in the educational arena requires the teachers to be
considered ‘employees’, or the workforce in general. The customers tend to be
the parents who pay the fees and want quality in return of the good result of
their wards. This is the time when we need a new defined definition of
PARENTS as no more as stake holder but a part of the organisation as we need
to be dependent on them of feedback and change in the work culture at
schools to give them more of satisfaction, delight and out of the most getting
them Zapped !.
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