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of your life. Either way, you will be learning new stuff all

the time.

The bottom line here is, if I can learn and do this entire

process, you can too. Anyone can!


How Do Your Links and Banner Ads Make Money?

Let’s go over a few important things before we get into

how the links on your blog and banner ads make money.

The reason people make money from blogs, without

having massive traffic like Perez Hilton’s blog, is because

they offer products and services that interest people,

either in the niche on the blog, or in the niche that

teaches people how to make money blogging, or both.

Because you may be just starting out in the blogging

business, you won’t have a lot of traffic to your blog right

way. This is the main reason you will want to offer

people a way to make money blogging, along with your

specialty niche, so you can make money by offering those

products and services. That’s where the Blogchise

program, The Ultimate blog Theme and other products will make your life easy and help you to start earning

money sooner. All the way around, these blogging

products and services work to make your blogging life

easier and also to help you make money.

If you have a great niche, like weight loss, self help or

exercise, there are plenty of additional products and

services you can offer through affiliate banner ads and


links in order to make more money, along with offering

blogging products and services. That’s what you call a

sweet, double winner.

One of the best niches for making money is actually

teaching people how to make money, because there are

a gazillion people always looking for ways to make more

money. That’s why so many blogs do well by offering

affiliate banner ads teaching people how to make money


The links and banner ads on your blog pages will all have

your own affiliate tracking code embedded in them.

That’s how you will make money from your links and

banner ads.

Without going deep into this subject of affiliate links, I’m

going to explain the affiliate marketing process the best I

can in a few short paragraphs. You can learn the details

of affiliate links in the coaching program if you decide to get into blogging.

You will need to first get affiliate links to embed in your

text links and banner ads on your blog. Don’t worry! This

is much easier than you might think. Any Internet dummy


can handle this process. Just keep in mind, you will need

to learn new things, but this is all simple.

To get your own affiliate links, you will need to register

as an affiliate of many different, popular companies all

found on the Internet. Don’t worry. This is an easy

process and I’ve also made it all easier on you with step-

by-step directions on, along with a master list of all the best affiliate programs to offer. Keep in

mind, you will be making money from Blogchise and this

same process after you learn it all.

To become an affiliate for other companies, you will

register as an affiliate on each company website, and you

will offer their helpful products and services from affiliate

links and affiliate banner ads on your blog. It’s actually

quite a simple process. Registering as an affiliate for

other companies is also always free and safe

How do those affiliate links make you money? The

affiliate links, that you embed in text links and banner

ads on your blog pages are your own affiliate links with

your unique affiliate tracking code embedded in the link

or banner ad. These links can be made to look like any

normal text link, or are embedded into any banner ad on

your site.


Many of the companies selling products and services on

the Internet offer nicely designed banner ads for you to

post on your blog pages, and to make your life simple,

many of those banner ads already have your own unique

affiliate tracking code embedded in the banner.

When someone clicks on your affiliate links or banner

ads, on your blog pages, and buys a product or service,

you earn a commission. This is how bloggers earn six

figure incomes.

Let’s say for instance that you register as an affiliate of, and you get an affiliate link or banner ad

from Then, you place your affiliate link or

banner ad on your blog pages and someone clicks on that

affiliate link or banner ad and buys the coaching program

... you will earn a commission, because the affiliate

program tracks your affiliate traffic and processes your

commissions earned. The same goes with The Ultimate

Blog Theme or any other product you will offer for sale

from your blog.

Now here is the cool part ... when you offer this free

eBook from your blog sidebar, through the free plugins

you can get with The Ultimate Blog Theme, the exact


same way I offered this free eBook to you, this eBook will

have your own unique affiliate links embedded into all of the areas that offer links for people to click on.

You will receive an editable copy of this eBook with those

free plugins, and you will change out all of the links in

this eBook to reflect your own unique affiliate links.

Then, you will offer this eBook as a FREE download to all

of your visitors who opt in to your email list from the

sidebar or post bottom pages on your blog.

This free email optin plugin is just another process that

makes your blogging life so much easier and helps you to

make money faster.

Just think, if you had to write your own free eBook to

give away in order to build your own email list, that

process could take you months of hard work. By giving

you this eBook to give away, as a benefit of The Ultimate

Blog Theme, it just makes your life so much easier and

offers you the chance to make money quicker too. So

there again, all of these blogging products and services I

am offering will make your blogging life much easier, and

make you money at the same time.


You are probably starting to see why this free eBook is a

good thing, and how it will benefit you when you start


Since you might not have your own product or service

when you are just starting out in this blogging business,

you will want to offer other affiliate products and

services in your niche, along with products and services

that teach people how to make money blogging.

You will learn, in, how to find more than 30,000 affiliate products and services for practically any

niche. There is no reason to go over all of that here now.

Let’s make sure you want to get into blogging first.

You are probably starting to see why bloggers make so

much money when they start building their email list.

Having ready made products and services to offer

instantly, also means that you don’t have to create your

own coaching program, theme or plugins to sell. You

could create you own program to sell, but that could take

months, or even years of your valuable time. Blogchise

has already saved you all of that work and money. You

could be making money from your blog in a matter of

days, instead of weeks or months.


If you decide to get into blogging you will have life so

easy compared to most anyone else that’s ever

attempted to make money blogging. If you are already a

blogger, you will know exactly how much effort and

struggle the theme, plugins and coaching will save you,

and how much money they will save you too. You won’t

need to struggle or waste time and money trying to

figure it all out. I’ve already been down the road for you.

Since I’ve already been through this blog set up process

many times, I know those three items will save you

months of hard work and thousands of dollars. The faster

you can get your blog up and making money, obviously,

the better off you will be.

Since this short eBook is only here to teach you the

basics of making money with your own blog, I’m not

going into heavy detail about this affiliate process. The coaching program will take care of that for you.


Driving Traffic To Your Blog

There are a number of really cool and exciting ways you

will drive free traffic to your blog every day to build your

email list.

Posting Written Or Video Content

The most important is of course, posting valuable and

informative content on your blog three to five times each

week. Some bloggers post two and three times a day.

You don’t have to post that many times, but you will

need to keep posting great content about your niche on

a continuous basis for the sake of having Google rank

your site better. One to two posts per day is the best


If your blog is incredibly helpful in your niche and offers

great information all the time, people will keep coming

back to see what you have to say. It also helps if you can

build your email list to help remind people to visit your

blog on a regular basis.

If you have a video camera, you will want to create short

educational videos on your niche and about you, and

post those videos on several of the video sites like


Google Video and YouTube for starters. You will then

place the URL links of those videos on your blog posts.

Forum Posting

Another great marketing avenue for driving free traffic is

finding three to five of the top forums in your niche,

become a member of those forums and start posting

helpful information on those forums every day.

Don’t spam the forums. Just post helpful information

and never try to promote your blog or sell anything on

those forums, unless they allow it in the rules of the


If you attempt to promote anything on the forums that

don’t allow that option, you will make yourself look bad,

you will probably get banned from the forum, and you

will hurt your blog business tremendously. Be sure to

always read the forum rules before posting.

Forums are one of the best ways to get free marketing

for your blog, but you have to be patient with this

particular marketing process.


After you post about 15 to 20 times on a forum, you will

add a signature to your profile that anyone can see.

Sometimes forums let you post your signature right

away. If that’s the case, take advantage right way.

When you post incredibly helpful information on those

forums, people will eventually want to see who you are

and what you’re about. Again, never try to promote your

blog or anything on the forums, unless you want to kill

your business quickly and get banned from the forum.

Let your signature and your great free advice in forum

posts do all of the work for you.

People will eventually find you if you offer great value

and no spam. The more intelligent your forum posts are,

the more people will want to see who you are, especially the forum regulars.

People will buy from you, when they get to know you.

They won’t buy from you if you try to sell them

something. You always have to keep that in mind when

you are marketing your blog.

Posting on forums is a great way to drive traffic as long as

you follow the marketing rules to keep from hurting your



The longer you follow this marketing process, the more

traffic you will gain.

Article Writing

Another great marketing avenue is to write articles in

your niche and load those articles on the top article

directories, like This is all free.

You can also write articles in your niche and offer those

articles to other websites and blogs that offer the same

niche. You will get backlinks from those articles leading

into your blog. If you don’t understand about backlinks,

don’t worry, you will soon learn all about the importance

of building backlinks in will teach you how to write great articles and how to promote those articles to drive a lot of free

traffic to your blog.

Posting Comments On Relevant Blogs

Visit all of the top, high ranking blogs in your niche and

start posting intelligent comments on blog posts where


you know what you’re talking about. will teach you how to find the top ranking blogs in your


Be sure to read the blog post and post an intelligent comment that adds to the conversation.

The mistake too many people make when posting

comments is when they jump into another blog, in their

niche, and write stupid, short comments that don’t make

any sense, and don’t add to the conversation of the blog


People do those hit and run comments to try and build

back links, but they don’t understand the negative

impact it has on them. I get those hit and run comments

all the time on my blogs and I delete them quickly.

If you post an intelligent comment, that really adds to

the blog post, the owner of that blog will more than likely

keep your comment; and your link, directing traffic to

YOUR blog, will stick. That means other people will see your great comments and click on your blog link. That

means more free traffic to your blog, and you know what

more traffic means. More money!


If you add intelligent comments, other people will also

see you as someone to respect, and you will gain more

traffic to your blog.

The blog owner will also see you as someone to respect

and you will increase your chances of creating a JV (joint

venture) partnership. A Joint Venture partnership could

be one of the best things that will ever happen to your

blogging business. More about JV partnerships coming


People don’t understand how much they hurt

themselves when they make a quick comment that

doesn’t make any sense. They waste their time and the

comment usually doesn’t stick. If the comment does

stick, chances are good that someone else will see it and

skip right over anything written.

If you write something stupid in a comment, people will

think you are stupid and they won’t care about your blog

or anything you have to offer.

Take a few extra minutes to read the blog post and to

post an intelligent comment. The extra few minutes

could lead to thousands of dollars in revenue, not only

from the blogs visitors, but also from a JV partnership.


I get many visitors on my blog who come along and post

what they think is an intelligent sounding comment, but

you can read right through it and know they pasted the

same comment on every blog they visit. Again, you are

only hurting yourself if you do this type of comment

posting just to build back links to your own blog. Don’t

even thing about doing this type of comment posting

unless you want to hurt your reputation.

JV Partnerships

Joint Venture partnerships, or JV partnerships as they are

referred to, are one of the fastest ways to build your

email list and market your blog. They are also the fastest

way to make a lot of money. This is the part about the

importance of your allies that I mentioned earlier in this


If you have a free, valuable product or service you can

offer to build your email list, like this free bloggers eBook

you are reading right now, you can contact other

bloggers in your niche, who already have a large email

list, and see if there is any way you can create a

beneficial JV partnership where they offer your free


eBook, eCourse or video series, and you will return the

favor by writing a guest post or doing an interview, or

even email to your list about any of their free offers.

If you offer an amazing free product or service from your

niche, and other bloggers in your niche can offer that to

the people on their list as a beneficial bonus, you could get your product or service to thousands of people

instantly. It’s all basically free traffic, and potentially a lot of revenue.

Bloggers are always looking for great value and

information to give to their visitors. When you have that

great content to offer, you increase your chances of

having other blog owners deliver your content to their

email list, or even writing a post about your valuable

information. If those other bloggers can somehow make

money from your offers, you will be successful beyond

your imagination.

Seeking JV partnerships is one of the best marketing tips

for bloggers to follow. Many great Internet marketers

have earned a lot of money very quickly from this



I could go on and on about marketing and teach you

many incredible ways to promote your blog for free, but

as I mentioned in the beginning, you won’t make money

giving all of your secrets away, and I won’t either.

I know by now that you understand how this money

making and marketing process works. So basically,

receiving this free eBook should be pretty exciting for

you right about now. Especially if you’ve read this far.

If you plan on getting into this Internet marketing

business, you will need to understand and respect this

marketing tip of not giving everything away, because you

will be following the exact same marketing strategy when

you start blogging for money.

It doesn’t matter where you go to get information about

making money in this business, no Internet marketer

ever made money giving everything away, and you will

have to pay for the valuable information from any of the

other top Internet marketers. The best news of all for

you is that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars

paying for expensive coaching programs, because you’ll

get all of the best coaching information from the

Blogchise coaching program as you would get from any

of those expensive coaching programs. Why pay $2,000


or more for those expensive coaching programs when

you can get a better coaching for pennies practically from

Blogchise? Plus, you will make money from the coaching program as an affiliate of

Anyway, if this eBook were a complete program and free

to everyone, there would be a major problem. I would

not make any money to speak of, and you would not

have a way to make a lot more money either. This would

all be a waste of time.

This basic free blogging eBook is going to be your best

friend and it will make you money if you decide to get

into blogging to make money. This eBook will help you

until you get your own eBook written.

Knowing what I know about this Internet marketing

business, I would be pretty excited if I were in your shoes

right now. Especially if you are just starting out. You will

have life so much easier by choosing Blogchise and The Ultimate WordPress Theme.

People make a lot of money in this business when they

know the secrets. You can too. You just have to follow


the exact same steps and stick to the rules if you want to

make money blogging.

Building Backlinks

As I mentioned in the beginning of this chapter, building

backlinks is by far the most important part of marketing

and making money from your blog.

When you know how to properly build backlinks to your

blog, you just stepped into the elite club of Internet

marketers. Notice I bolded the word “properly.” There

are tips and rules to building backlinks properly and if

you don’t follow those tips and rules, you can cause

ranking problems to your site. You don’t want to waste

your time building a site only to lose ranking with the

search engines, so you’ll need to learn and follow the

rules for building backlinks properly.

I’m not going into this subject of backlinks heavily here ...

and for a good reason. This is part of where I make

money by selling this information, and it will be where

you make a lot of money too. I make money selling this

guarded information on and you can make

money the same way I do. Let me just add that you will

become an affiliate of and offer my blog


coaching program to your blog visitors by simply adding

your affiliate links in this eBook. is where

you will learn all of the well guarded secrets and details

about building backlinks, plus a lot more amazing

marketing tips that most top marketers also sell for

thousands of dollars. But, you won’t need to spend

thousands of dollars now.

I know you will be excited and blown away about the

amazing Internet marketing information in the coaching program.

While I’m thinking about it ... I just want to add ... as

much as I’ve learned for free, I’ve discovered that most

anyone won’t hold your hand or make Internet

marketing easy for you throughout the process. Even the

Internet marketers who charge money for their

information don’t make things easy on you. I change all

of that in the blogchise coaching program.

Finding out about building backlinks properly took me

months of searching around on the Internet. I also spent

hundreds of dollars before I found out about building

backlinks. Then I spent several hundred more just to

learn everything about building backlinks. I was also

fortunate enough to have a friend who makes $25,000


plus per month building backlinks who taught me

everything he knows.

Learning about building backlinks is an ongoing process,

but I finally have a good handle on it and I’m going to

save you the time and money learning the same

information. If you don’t do this process the right way,

you could hurt your site rank with Google.

I want to add in one more thing about backlinks here

before moving on. Backlinks are why many bloggers earn

six figure incomes in less than two years. A friend of mine

makes more than $25,000 from one site as a result of

building backlinks.

This information about building backlinks is so valuable,

you just can’t imagine. That’s why I say you will be

excited when you learn it. I had goose bumps the first

time I learned how it really works. When you learn about

building backlinks, you will have all the confidence you

need in order to make money online. You will see the

real reason why people make a lot of money online.

Building backlinks is the information that every blogger

and aspiring Internet marketer looks for in order to put

themselves way ahead of their competition. But, there is


one huge problem that most people struggle with when

it comes to building backlinks. They know little about this

subject or the fact that it’s the most important part of

the entire Internet marketing process.

Not many bloggers will let you in on this secret and not

many top Internet marketers will tell you their secrets,

because they don’t want you as their competition. It

seems as though mostly the multimillionaire Internet

marketers are the ones that teach these backlink building

tips, but for a high price. They’ve already made their

millions and are passing along the information to you.

I bought all of the backlink building programs you could

imagine, from the top Internet marketers, and I’ve also

searched for information on building backlinks hoping to

find free stuff. Let me tell you a little secret. Save

yourself the time and energy of trying to find this

information for free. If you don’t know what you’re

looking for, you won’t know what to believe. If you are

lucky enough to find a solid free tip on building backlinks,

you might not know if you’re reading solid information.

I’ve already been down the road and I’m trying to save

you the time, hassle and money. Too many programs will

lead you down a dead end road and you’ll only end up


frustrated, and with less money in your pocket, plus all of

the time wasted.

Let me spend the money and time on buying all of those

programs and then offer you the best information from

only the top Internet marketers in the world after I figure

out what works and what doesn’t work. I’m here to help

you save time and money, and make money as well.

Google gives your blog or site more credit and better

ranking for having backlinks. The more backlinks, the

better your rank.

Backlinks are simply your blog URL links that are on other

sites and blogs. In other words, when you leave a

comment on another blog that allows you to add your

blog URL, that’s considered a backlink as long as the

other site allows the link to be followed. Some sites have

a no follow code in place and the link doesn’t carry any

juice with Google. Most sites allow your links to be


When Google sees that other sites have linked to your

blog, Google considers your site to be more important.

The result of being the most important in Google’s eyes,


is moving up to page one for specific keyword searches

on Google.

Building backlinks can move your blog from page 126 on

a Google search for a specific keyword phrase, to page

one within a few months, depending on the keywords

and competition.

Depending on the sites or blogs where your backlinks are

coming from, will also give your blog better ranking. In

other words, if you get backlinks from high PR ranked

sites, as opposed to low PR ranked sites, Google will look

at your site as being more important. The end result is

better ranking for your blog or site.

You’ve probably heard of doing commenting on other

high PR ranking blogs to build backlinks to your site, but

that’s only one small part of building backlinks. The coaching program will open up a whole

new world of helping you to build backlinks.

Blogging is all about the numbers game. When you have

a lot of traffic, sooner or later someone will click on your

affiliate links and you’ll make money. Traffic is what it’s

all about. More traffic also means a larger email list. A

larger email list means more money.


You can get all the traffic in the world, but you will need

to monetize your site as much as possible, and follow

some basic rules for marketing to your email list in order

to earn more money. Some people have a lot of traffic,

but they don’t earn much money, because they don’t

know how to maximize earnings.

Making money blogging is all about education. When you

have the right education, you can make money at this


There is no reason to struggle any longer trying to find

the right information. I’ve already done all of that for you

and passed it along in the coaching

program. When you’re done reading here, get registered

for the coaching program so you can put

yourself ahead of your competition and start earning

more money a lot faster than you normally would.

My mission and goal has always been to save you time

and money. I hate being ripped off just as much as you,

which is why I created the coaching



Most of the Internet marketing information you learn is

just spun and passed down the line anyway, and most of

the people passing it along will charge upwards of a

thousand dollars for a coaching program offering much

less information.

Building backlinks is the number one secret that Internet

marketers learn and use to their advantage. You must

guard this information and be careful with it. It’s valuable

information that you shouldn’t just give away. Make

people pay to get this information. It’s valuable and

worth money, because it will make you a lot of money.


Building and Nurturing Your Email List

Building your email list is the most important part of

making money online. Every Internet marketer will tell

you the same. Build your email list and nurture it.

How do you build your email list? You will offer a free

newsletter to your visitors, or some type of free eBook

related to your niche, or related to making money, and, if

possible, a free product, free video series or free service

as an added bonus for registering. Offering bonuses will

help to build your email list faster. Building your email list is all about giving great value away for free.

The free email optin plugins that come with The Ultimate

Blog Theme will help you accomplish all of those

objectives and will make building your email list easy.

These free email optin plugins also work great with

Popup Domination. You will learn more about Popup Domination if you decide to get into blogging. Popup

Domination is just another great tool to help make

building your email list a lot easier and faster.

Once you have people on your email list, you will need to

do everything possible to nurture that list. There are do’s


and don’ts you need to be aware of in order to nurture

your list.

If you want to be successful and keep your email list in

better shape, never sell or bug people to just buy stuff. If

you offer a free newsletter, you need to offer free,

valuable information in that newsletter at all times.

It’s okay to talk about valuable things for sale in your

newsletter in a way that doesn’t come across as

something for sale in a pushy way. To accomplish that,

you could simply educate your subscribers by writing a

review about a product or service in your niche, and offer

an affiliate link to the product or service. But, do it in a

way that doesn’t come across like a sales pitch. Only

offer valuable information without the sales pitch.

People are turned off by the straight sales pitches.

Think of the people on your list like your best friends.

You know exactly how your friends would treat you if you

called them to try and sell something. They would

suspect the sales pitch instantly and you might lose a

friend or lose respect. If you tell them about an amazing

product or service that you are using and how it helps

you or your business, and that product or service is in


your niche, chances are much better that your friends

will buy something you mention.

People will register for your free newsletter, because

they will be interested in your niche. They expect to hear about news in your niche. It’s like, if you are interested in motorcycles and you meet someone at a motorcycle

event and become friends. You call each other and talk

about motorcycle stuff and you tell each other about any

new and amazing things that will make their

motorcycling life better. If you stick to this concept, the

end result will be the person always looking forward to

your next meeting to talk about motorcycles.

Here is an example of a bad sales pitch, and not the

proper way to nurture your email list:

“Hey Joe, I have this great product for sale and it will

make your life so much better. It’s only $97. Here is the

link to buy it. www...”

As opposed to an acceptable sales pitch:

“Hey Joe, I just used this new product (in your niche) the

other day and it’s made a tremendous difference in my

business, so I just wanted to share the information with

you. (Add product details and what it did for you here)


Here is a link to their site if you are interested in learning more. www...”

Always do exactly what you say you will do. Don’t hound

people on your list with offers of things for sale. Your list

is to help educate and to inform people about your

niche. Not to smack people in the face with blatant ads


When you build an email list, there is always the

underlying motive to eventually sell and make money.

Home Depot does it, Lowe’s does it, and most other large

stores do the same process of building an email list.

When you get receipts from those major chain stores,

there is always the opportunity to register to win some

money at the bottom of the printed receipt, but you

need to enter your email first. It’s all the same process

and gives those stores a chance to keep in touch with


Mention you have stuff at the end of an email every now

and then, or have that constant ad at the bottom of your

emails (like Yahoo does), but don’t send out emails that

only offer stuff for sale.


Another great way to offer items for sale is to write a

review on your blog and send your email list a notice that

you posted a review about a product or service in you

niche. If anyone is interested, they can read the detailed

information on your blog. That way, your email can be

short and sweet, and anyone who is interested can visit

your blog to read more.

Getting visitors back to your blog actually helps you

more, because your blog gains more traffic and will rank

higher with search engines. Plus, you get people seeing

all of your ads on every one of your blog pages.

People will buy from you sooner or later if you can keep

them on your list. They might not be ready to buy from

you right at that moment they sign up, but if you are

always offering value to them, on your blog and in your

emails, sooner or later you will make a sale.

When people start to like you and trust you, they will

eventually buy from you, and many times just to support

you for helping them.

I’ve heard so many people say they bought things from

people just because they wanted to support them for

helping improve their lives with great information on


their blog. People will even donate money to you just

because they like you and because you helped them.

If you bug people to buy stuff with an “in your face”

email sales pitch, you will lose people’s interest and they

will remove themselves from your list.

You will sell when you give. The more you give, the more

you get. That’s probably the best marketing tip you will

ever learn, next to building backlinks. The more you give

and help, the more you will be rewarded.

Nurture your list, always give, and do put your stuff for

sale on the side. People can tolerate that concept, and

you can keep more people on your list for a longer time.

Be sure your email always offers incredible value. If you

don’t have anything of great value to send, it’s probably

best if you don’t send anything.


Emailing To Your Massive List

There is one company most Internet marketers use to

handle massive email lists, and that’s Aweber, found at There are actually many email auto responder companies, but Aweber is probably the most

used, the most recommended by bloggers to help build

their email lists and also to handle email newsletters.

I use Aweber and I also highly recommend them. Their

program is easy to use and easy set up. It’s just a great

email program. Don’t waste your money on those

expensive email auto responder companies that charge

high dollar.

The Aweber service will handle numerous email

campaigns for you at very little cost per month. offers video tutorials and an easy process to

figure out. All you have to do is watch the video tutorials

and practice with their forms.

Aweber even allows you to send test emails to yourself

before you send out the real ones to your list. I would

recommend testing everything and also sitting on your

email note for a day before you send it out. If you sit on


an email note for a day and go over it one more time

before you send it to your list, you will probably find

several items that need editing and you will be happy

you waited.

If you have someone who can look over your emails

before you send them, you might want to consider that

option in order to make sure you are offering valuable

information that won’t offend anyone. A second set of

eyes on your work will most often see things you may

have missed.

Aweber allows you to also set up “follow up” emails to

be sent on different days after someone signs up. Let’s

say you have three emails you will want to deliver to first

time visitors just signing up on your list. Anyone who

signs up will receive those emails on the same interval

sequence that you originally set up. Let’s say you want to

send out the thank you note for registering and then a

follow up tip several days later, you have that option

available on Aweber.

You can also set up ten emails to send and have them go

out one every day for ten days in a row, or one every

other day, or even once a week for ten weeks. This

option is great for setting up e-courses where people will


need to get training courses for several days in a row, or

once a week. Having this option available is great,

because you simply set it up and forget about it. Anyone

who signs up, at any time, will always receive the same

set of emails on the same interval of days after they sign

up. Aweber handles it all.

If you are going to blog for money, you will need an

Aweber account to help build your email list. This is a must.


You Need To Sell You.

What does that mean to sell you? It means you must let people get to know you right from the start.

People are going to buy from you when they feel

comfortable with you, when they trust you, and when

you build a common bond with them. Every successful

Internet marketer uses this marketing tip to sell their

products and services.

Let people into your personal life from your blog. Tell

them cool or funny stories about yourself and about

things going on in your life that people can relate to. In

other words, personalize your blog. You could start out your blog posts or email notes with a quick story about

something going on in your life, but don’t go over board.

Always keep it short.

Be yourself and not someone else when you share about

you or something in your life. Be yourself whenever you

write a blog post or make a video for your post pages.

Just be who you really are and don’t “act like” someone

you are not. People want to see real stuff and the real

you. People are sick of the fake crap. They want to know

you and know about you. If you come from the heart in


all of your posts and truly reach out and help people,

your visitors will feel your genuine nature and they will

feel comfortable with you.

It doesn’t matter what type of personality you have.

There will always be people out there who can relate to

you. If you are a shy type of person, there are a million

shy people in the world who will be able to relate with

you. Don’t be afraid to express who you are and be

yourself when posting videos or written posts.

Share about you and about how you feel. This is what

brings people close to you. People want to get to know

you. If you are genuine, people will like you and then

they will buy from you.

If you are talking about a subject in your blog niche,

people will naturally want to know about who you are,

and they will want to know about how you live. If you

can tell stories about how you live and let people into

your life, while teaching them valuable information, they

will feel more comfortable with you.

Let people know about your interests and what’s going

on in your life to help build that common bond with


people. Building a common bond is the basics of sales

and marketing.

The most successful Internet marketers in the world all

tell quick stories about themselves to help build rapport

with people. This is the huge part of selling where a lot of

people fail.

John Chow is a genius at this marketing tip. He lets

people see how he lives and he also shows off his

daughter in his videos. Most people have kids and can

relate to parenting. The fact that John Chow talks about

his little girl, is probably one of the big reasons he is so

successful with his blog. Showing off his cute child builds

an instant common bond with most people, because

most people have kids.

When John Chow opens up his life, people feel like they

are a part of his world and they can relate. People tune in

to John to see what he’s up to. I even tune in to see what

he’s doing. People feel close to him.

It doesn’t matter what type of personality you have. If

you be yourself, people will relate to you.


Don’t be concerned about trying to please everyone. You

will drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone. Not

everyone will like you. Not everyone will be able to relate

to you. It’s the way life is.

People will disagree with you. People will be negative.

People will hate you, no matter what you do. You can’t

please everyone. From a marketing standpoint, it’s better

to be 50 percent liked and 50 percent not liked, than try

to please everyone.

No matter how you come across, people are always

going to disagree with something you say. If you have a

following of 10,000 people on your blog, sooner or later,

everyone of those people are going to disagree with

something you have to say, or something about you.

Even many of the people who don’t like some things

about you, will come back to see what you’re talking

about, as long as you can create some type of a common


If you plan on making a lot of money in the blogging

business, you will need to stick your neck out there and

let people into your private life.










No one person in the blogging business ever got rich

hiding out. The more real you are and the more you

reach out, the more successful you will become.

How financially successful do you want to be?

To recap a bit:

Create a blog in a niche you love, that thousands of

people are interested in.

Be helpful and educate people about your niche in

your blog posts.

Monetize your blog and offer items to help you

make money.

Offer free items to help build your email list.

Offer a free newsletter or tips and a free bonus for

signing up for your newsletter.

Be yourself and share about your life in your blog to

help people get to know you, without going

overboard. Remember, people came to your blog to

find information about your niche. That’s why they

landed on your page in the first place, and that’s

where your main focus should be.

Treat people like your friends, but always share a lot

of valuable free information about your niche.

Build backlinks.




Take the coaching program.

Get The Ultimate Blog Theme to save time and



The Bottom Line About The Blogging Business

The bottom line about the blogging business, is you will

need to learn a lot more of the details, and you will need

to spend a little money starting your own blogging

business. You can’t avoid spending a little money getting

started. But here’s the best part. It doesn’t cost a lot

getting into this business, especially now since there are

many nice products and services to make your blog start

up process so much easier.

Considering the amount of money that can be made in

this business, the small amount you will need to invest

will be pennies compared to opening up some type of

franchise business. Plus, this free eBook and the other

products in here will save you a lot of money and shave

off about six months of hard work if you get into


You will also need to buy a domain name (business name) and a hosting package for your domain name. I

highly recommend for buying your domain name, because of their incredible customer service.

Every time I call them, they are amazingly helpful as

quickly as possible. I’ve never had a problem with the


customer service at GoDaddy. They work hard to make you a happy customer.

I recommend hosting your domain at I’ve

had better luck with the speed of their ftp and how fast

my web pages load from their servers, compared to any

other company so far. Most everyone recommends for hosting. You will too when you

experience their service.

You will also need to buy a nice WordPress theme for

your blog and you can get two great blog themes for free


You will need to get a few necessary WordPress plugins

for your blog to help build your email list and to help

monetize your blog. The best plugin for building your

email list faster is PopUp Domination. You can also use this PopUp Domination with the free email list building

plugins you’ll get on

Everyone who wants to make money in this business

goes through the same process. But, here is the

amazingly cool part about you getting to read this

particular free eBook. This free eBook and the blogging products in here have made the entire blogging for


income set-up and education process a lot easier, and for

a lot less money than you will find anywhere on the


I’ve been through the best Internet marketing coaching

programs and most of them don’t hold your hand

through the entire process. The other top coaching

programs can also cost you an arm and a leg. That’s not

the case with

I will always do everything in my power to help you save

money and time if you decide this blogging business is

what you want to do. Helping you save a lot of money is

also one of the reasons you will want to check out the

surprise in Just watch the video on the home page and you will see.

Getting set up in this business can be cheap and much

easier if you know the shortcuts. I went through all of the

difficult parts of this learning process and you can benefit

from my knowledge.

I learned the greatest marketing tips in the world from

the best Internet marketers in the world and I’m going to

pass those along to you in, to save you a 96

ton of money and time trying to find and learn them


I was pretty fortunate about finding all of the best

marketing tips from the top Internet marketers, and I

know you might not be so fortunate the first time

around, with a billion websites to search through.

You could try to learn everything on your own, and after

a while you would find out that no highly successful

person in this blogging industry will give you all of their

secrets for free. Everyone holds back their best

information, and most don’t even give you everything

after you pay a lot of money.

Many of the top Internet marketers always hold back

some stuff, even when you pay a hefty sum, and they do

this in order to keep you always wanting more, and

always spending more money to learn more. I’m here to

help you avoid all of that.

Here is some food for thought before we move on. If you

had to go to college for four years, those four years

would cost you THOUSANDS of dollars, and you would

not make one dime while attending any class, unless you


got a job on the side. Then, you will HOPE to get a job

you like after four years of hard work in college.

Getting a great paying job you love probably won’t

happen, and you will probably end up in a stressful,

corporate ladder-climbing, dog-eat-dog environment. It’s

a tough world out there, and it’s going to keep getting

tougher with the corporate big dogs sending all of the

jobs overseas.

Wouldn’t it be better to put in less than two years of

hard work learning everything about making money

blogging about your passion, and start earning money

while you learn, AND, have your income constantly

growing while you learn, AND, after a couple of years,

you could be making more money than most college

degrees would ever offer you? That was part of the

reason I got into blogging.

Here is some more food for thought. Would you go to

college to get a four year degree and just give up after six

months? Would you go to college and not follow the

directions that were taught to you? Would you take

classes and not study the material? That’s what happens

to the people who get into the blogging business. They

quit before long. They don’t follow the directions. They

don’t learn how the process works. They don’t do what


the successful bloggers are doing. They don’t have the

patience to stick it out for the time it takes to earn the

money, because they came into this with the unrealistic,

get rich quick attitude in the beginning, and they found

out that blogging didn’t offer that elusive, “easy button”.

If you can be realistic, follow basic steps and stick to this

process for at least a year, you should be making a nice

income, and you should be quite happy when you start

seeing the results of your perseverance. The longer you

follow the right steps, the more your income should grow

in this business.

John Chow makes no bones about letting everyone know

he made $180,000 his first year blogging, and how it took

him a little more time to earn $400,000 per year. That’s

the way this business can be for you, if you are willing to

do what the big boys do and stick it out for the duration.

His situation was unique, but even if you did a fraction of

those numbers, you’d be in great shape.

Get rid of the fast and now thinking. If you want to give

yourself a great opportunity, blogging is a great field that

can offer you a lot of freedom, as long as you hit this

everyday with that realistic, patience and perseverance

attitude, and treat it like any business.


Just think. A year from now, you could be enjoying a nice

income as your own boss. Or, you can stay in the rat

race, on the hamster wheel, going nowhere fast. Is that

what you really want?

Do you want to wake up another year from now in the

same boat? Do you want to be sitting there in the same

chair as you are now in another a year from now,

thinking about where you could have been if you had just

taken action? I bet you don’t. You have choices right

now. What will you do?

If you were given a franchise opportunity in a successful

restaurant business, you would need to pay a lot of

money for a building, and you would need to build that

business from the ground up. Building any structure

takes a bit of time before you can start creating a

revenue stream.

Setting up your own blog is basically the same process,

but much faster and much, much cheaper. Plus, you have

the potential to make just as much money as many

franchise owners if you follow the same process the

successful bloggers follow.


I like to think blogging is the best thing on the Internet,

for the little amount of money it takes to create. It’s a

legitimate business. It’s not a get rich quick thing.

Are you ready to get into blogging? Are you ready to go

after that six figure income? Are you ready to start

getting set up now?

All because I’m into saving money and because my style

of thinking is always working to save people money, I’ve

figured out a way to save you a lot of time and money, if

you want to get into blogging for a living.

Check out Blogchise and The Ultimate Blog Theme. You’ll

be happy you did.

Why pay $2,000 to $5,000 for a high priced coaching

program when will give you much more

detailed information for practically pennies?

There really is no reason to try and teach you any more

about blogging in this eBook. You pretty much have a

solid understanding about blogging right now. The only

thing left to do is make that decision. Take the bull by the

horns and make it happen. Taking up blogging could be

the best decision of your life.


If you are feeling excited and think you might want to

start a blogging business, don’t think about it. Just go for

it. Next year will come quickly and I’m guessing you don’t

want to be in the same financial position as you are now.

But you will be, if you don’t take action right now.

What are you waiting for?


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