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This eBook will expose the main secrets on how pro

bloggers make big money. I’m talking about huge secrets that many pro bloggers don’t want you to know, because

they make money selling those big secrets.

You will soon learn information about blogging that most

of the pros will probably cringe at me offering for free.

By the time you are done reading this eBook, you will

have a complete understanding of how the blogging

business operates. This eBook will actually become your

best friend if you decide to get into the blogging

business. You will soon understand the exciting reason I

wrote that last sentence.

Every bit of information in here is designed to not only

expose how to make a lot of money blogging, it will make


your blogging life much easier during the entire process,

but more so while getting your blog set up. You will

actually be spoiled if you are just now getting into the

blogging business, and you will soon understand why.

I could probably package this eBook and sell it online, but

offering it free to you is actually more beneficial for both

of us, as you will also soon discover.

Let’s get one thing up front and out of the way before we

get going. If you are thinking about getting into the

blogging business, and if you want to learn how the pros

make a lot of money blogging, you need to know the

truth about this business, and how it operates. When

you know the truth about the blogging business, a whole

new set of amazing opportunities will open up for you.

The information in this eBook changed my life and it can

change yours too.

You could make a great living while blogging about your

passion, and possibly even quit that dead-end job, like

hundreds of people all over the world have done who are

discovering this incredible business.


Blogging is growing by leaps and bounds every day and

it’s now easier than ever for anyone to start a blogging

business with a simple blog platform like WordPress. Any

Internet novice can easily set up and operate their own

profitable blog. Plus, there are many great tools currently

available that are designed to save you weeks, and even

months of hard work.

Many stay at home moms, who are seeking alternative

ways to generate income, have taken up blogging and

are doing extremely well. Even teenage kids are making

healthy six figure incomes blogging. So, there’s no reason

why you shouldn’t be able to accomplish making a

decent living blogging about your passion. The trick is to

know the secrets.

If you’ve been digging around online and learning about

blogging, you’ve probably discovered it’s no big secret

that many bloggers are earning 10, 20, 30 and $40,000

per month blogging. I just read another story about a

nineteen year old kid making more than $100,000 per

month. Yes, you did read that right. Per month. I can tell

you, it’s all true. I would have had a hard time believing it

myself if I had not sat down with a successful Internet

marketer for two straight days while he taught me

almost everything I know now.


I was doing a paint job for a guy who lived in a huge

home in a gated community and I noticed he had five

computer monitors set up on one desk in his office. How

impressive I thought, since I only had one monitor in my

office at the time. When I asked what he did, he replied,

“I market products and services from WordPress built

blog pages.”

What a great guy, and super nice too. He sat me down

for two full days and taught me all of his secrets. He

actually showed me all of his money earning accounts

too. So, I got to see all of this information first hand, right there in front of my eyes. He even gave me a $2,000

educational program to learn more about how he was

making his fortune.

He wasn’t shy about telling me that he earned more than

$25,000 per month from only one WordPress blog, and

he also has several others that are pulling in nice monthly

incomes as well. The amazing thing was that he went

from nothing (broke) to making more than $25,000 per

month in only six months time. That’s right! He did not

live in that huge home in a gated community just six

months earlier.


When I saw how easy this blogging business was, after

learning those cool marketing secrets from that guy, and

the life he was living, I couldn’t wait to get started. My

life has been an exciting whirlwind ever since. Yours can

be too.

There is something powerful and addicting about

blogging and Internet marketing that you are about to

discover, and there is money to be made, if you can learn

the secrets and follow the rules, but most of all, have


If you want to make extra money, or if you are looking

for a way out of your current job, blogging offers a great

opportunity for those of you who are realistic thinkers

and can follow specific steps.

If you currently operate a blog and it’s not monetized,

you are throwing money away, AND, you could also be

reaching out to help more people who want to blog and

make money at the same time. That is quite a profound

statement you will soon have a complete understanding

about. So, keep looking for the answer to that statement

throughout this eBook, and when you get the “ah ha”

moment, you will see the power of blogging in your


niche, and how you can make money while reaching out

to help others.

By monetizing your own blog and teaching other people

how to accomplish the same process, you can make

more money and help people at the same time.

You, more than likely, registered to receive this free,

basic bloggers eBook, because you may have heard

about all the money bloggers make, and you probably

want to learn how to make money blogging as well. With

that said, you are in for an exciting treat coming up later

in this short eBook.

There are a few amazing items coming up for anyone

who already has a blog up and running, and also for

anyone who is thinking about starting a blog for income.

You don’t want to miss that incredible information.

If you are currently blogging and not making things

happen, as far as earning an income with your blog, the

information coming up will change your life.

I don’t consider myself the brightest guy on the block and

I’m pointing that out now, because I want you to know,


anyone can get into this blogging business and make


Wouldn’t you love to wake up every morning excited to

go to work, and love what you do so much that you want

to do it all day long, seven days a week? Wouldn’t you

love to earn a nice income while doing what you love,

and do it from your own home, or even take it on the


I get up every morning and can’t wait to get into my

home office to blog about my niche, and to market my

blog. I get a cup of coffee and I walk thirty feet to work.

Well, it’s not really work.

If you can find what you love doing, and make money

doing it, you will never work another day in your life. So

true. I love what I do and I can’t get enough of it.

I do what I want, when I want. I don’t fight traffic any

more. I don’t have to deal with all of the stressed out

drivers riding my bumper. I take time off when I want. I

work as long as I want. I go to the movies in the middle of

the day if I want. I take as long of a lunch as I want. I

enjoy what I do. I’m out of the grind and I don’t have a

boss putting any stress on me.


I have this feeling you are looking for the same things in

life if you’re reading this.

If you can learn how to follow specific steps, you can

earn a great income and have the kind of life you want.

You hold your own success in your own hands and you

have a great opportunity right here.

I can tell you one of my secrets to success right now. If

you don’t keep swinging the bat, you will never give

yourself a chance to hit that homerun. You must pick up

the bat and swing it, just like the ball players.

You must go to batting practice and you must play the

game. You will strike out many times, just like the ball

players do, and you will hit a homerun every now and

then, but you can’t hit that homerun unless you are in

the game swinging that bat.

Give yourself a chance at success. Pick up that bat and

start swinging. Start playing the game. Don’t give up

when you strike out. The best ball players in the world

strike out more than 60 percent of the time at bat. You

have to get up to the plate and if you strike out, you get

back up to bat again.


Just keep swinging. That’s the best advice I can offer you.

Grind it out. You wouldn’t quit running a marathon race

two miles away from the finish line, if you trained all year

long just to run that one race.

Grind it out to the finish line! Keep running races. Sooner

or later, you’re going to win that big race and the victory

will be so worth your effort.


Blogging Is A Business

Even though I will jump up and down with excitement

about this blogging business, and tell you all day long

that this is the greatest business in the world, I’m not

going to kid you about the blogging business. There is a

lot more to blogging than what you get in my free basic

eBook here, and I think it’s fair to forewarn you ... it’s not going to be a complete cake walk getting started, even

with the intensive coaching program on

and with the incredible blogging tools and all of the

exciting avenues created to help make your blogging life

much easier than you’ll ever be able to imagine.

There are no “easy buttons” in life. I wasted years and

thousands of dollars learning that lesson the hard way.

There are no easy buttons, but you can make money in

this business if you can develop that unstoppable,

perseverance attitude ... AND ... follow directions.

I offer this free bloggers eBook for several reasons, but

the following is an important reason I want you to be

aware of. Most people, who get this free eBook, want to

learn about what it takes to be a blogger. Most of them

never take advantage of blogging. Blogging is not for

everyone. I think it’s fair and honest to let you know that


bit of information right up front. This eBook is created

partly to help you save money and time getting set up in

a way that keeps you from wasting a lot of time going

down dead-end roads like I did. I’m going to save you a

ton of time and money getting any blog or website set


I’m going to hype up blogging, but I’m also going to tell

you the truth. Obviously, I’m excited about blogging and

I’m excited for anyone who has the passion to get into

blogging. But, you need to know the truth, and right up


Blogging for income is work in the beginning. It’s a

business, and you will have to treat it like a business. But,

don’t let that discourage you, because, if you love this

business, and you love what you do, it won’t feel like

work at all. You will feel that same excitement I feel

about getting into my home office every day.

I created this basic eBook partly to help you figure out if

you really want to blog for income, partly to make money

myself, and partly to help you make money. I want you

to know exactly what blogging for money is all about and

what you can expect. I want you to know exactly how

this blogging game is played.


If I only tried to manipulate you into investing your time

and money in a blogging business, with all of the fast talk

about how easy it is, and 1, 2, 3, you’re good to go, you

would probably be upset with me and you would quit

part way into this program. Getting started and then

quitting would not be beneficial for you or me. I wouldn’t

want you to start a business unless you knew full well

what you were getting into.

Blogging is a business and it takes a lot of work in the

beginning getting set up. Also, like any business, you will

have to continually operate it to make money. You get

out of this business what you put into it, and the same

with any business.

If you eventually decide to get into blogging for income,

you absolutely have to come into this business with a

realistic attitude, and not expect it to happen overnight.

You will be setting yourself up for failure if you expect

the money to pile up overnight. Perseverance is the main

key to being a successful blogger.

You have the potential to make as much money or more

as any pilot, doctor, lawyer or engineer within a year or

two if you are smart about this process.


Your blogging success will be based on your wise choices

once you learn the secrets to blogging. It’s all about your

choices while going through the process. I could tell you

all the secrets and give you everything on a silver platter,

but you still need to make the right choices along the


If you are still serious about blogging for income after

you make it through this basic eBook, you can get one of

the best, in-depth coaching programs for bloggers on the

Internet from, along with one of the

easiest ways to start and monetize your blog.

I am also going to tell you about some cool blogging

products and services in here to make your blogging life

much, much easier. If you get into blogging, you will need

these products and services if you want to earn money.

There will be no way around it. These blogging products

and services are the best you will find anywhere, and

they will be your bread and butter when you get into this

business. That brings me to the really cool part ... you will

make money from those blogging products and services

and also from this free eBook, if you decide to get into

blogging. That’s the exciting part of you getting this

particular free eBook. You will understand more about


what I mean by that as you go through reading this


It’s all about to become crystal clear.

Before I get into telling you about the cool blogging

secrets, I want to tell you some things that will make a lot

of sense.

Developing a new mindset will help you hang in there for

the duration while you become a successful blogger.

Better things will happen in your life when you can learn

to grind it out to the finish line.

Let’s think of things like this: if you go to college for four long years and you pay all of that money to get a degree,

if you are lucky, you will probably get a job making

around $35,000 per year. If you are really lucky, you will

get a job earning slightly more, depending on your

degree and who hires you.

If you get a job working for “the man”, you will need to

do exactly what “the man” tells you to do. That means,

you will be doing things every day that the boss will be telling you exactly how the company wants it done, and

you might not like what you do.


Your job will be W-O-R-K, work. You will be working at

least 8 hours per day, and probably more if you are on

salary, especially in this day and age with many corporate

big dogs taking advantage of people more and more. You

will be fighting traffic every day, twice a day. You will

probably work under constant pressure and stress. But

the bottom line is, you will be working under the

direction of some stranger (boss) who will be telling you

exactly what to do, with every task you do. Let me

reiterate that ... with every task you do, you will be

following someone ELSE’S orders. That means you will

be following directions and learning all kinds of new

things to do, for more than 8 hours per day. Did you

catch that last sentence? You will be learning new things all the time, which leads me to the next bit of


So, for 8 hours per day, if you are forced to constantly

take orders and follow directions, and learn new things all the time, why not get into blogging about your

passion for the potential of making more money than

any degreed position will ever pay you? You will be going

through all of the same process of learning new things

and constantly following directions until you learn your

entire job, but the only difference is that you give


yourself that opportunity to earn a lot more money, and

you get to be your own boss!

If you get a job working for “the man”, you might not

even like your job, and you might have to keep that job

just to support your family, or the lifestyle you’ve

imprisoned yourself in.

You could be your own boss and do the same amount of

work, and give yourself a chance to earn more money than any professional job would pay. You have that

opportunity right now in the safety and comfort of your

own home, or in some coffee shop, or anywhere you

want. You could even travel the world and still operate

your business like many bloggers do, and have fun.

I guess the big question is do you want some boss telling

you how to do things all day long, or do you want to be

your own boss running through basically the same

processes of learning new things?

Businesses fail, because they don’t follow a blueprint for

success. Businesses also succeed, because they follow a

blueprint for success. Bloggers succeed, because they

follow a blueprint for success, and they also fail because

they don’t follow a blueprint.


If you blog for a living, you will be doing something that

you may or may not like, but you will be your own boss.

If you can put in the same amount of time an energy

blogging, as you would on some other job, you could

potentially make double the income of any degreed

position, and also be your own boss.

You have an opportunity here, that can be financially

rewarding if you are willing to take the risk of putting in

the hard work for about a year. Nothing is easy in this

world. Don’t kid yourself. If you’re looking for an easy

button, stop reading, go buy lottery tickets and pray that

you will win. Pray a lot.

You can wake up in a year from now in the same boat by

not taking action, or you can start taking action today and give yourself that chance of being your own man, or

woman, making a lot more money.

If you know anything about the blogging industry, you

probably already know that people all over the world are

earning healthy, six figure incomes blogging. Why do

they make so much money and why do so many people

fail at blogging? The people who fail at blogging are the

ones who either give up too soon, or they don’t follow


the exact steps that the successful bloggers are

following, or both. They get started on the wrong foot

and they waste a lot of time going down the wrong road

at first. You could waste six months to a year going down

the wrong road, but I’m going to help you avoid wasting

time and money and get your to where you need to be


If you can follow simple steps and adopt a perseverance

philosophy in your life, you can be successful and enjoy

the fruits of having your own business.

Don’t waste your time trying to re-invent the wheel.

Don’t think you have some great idea that will make you

a ton of money.. Just do what the successful people are

already doing and you will be successful.

If McDonald’s offered you a franchise opportunity for

next to nothing, would you build their restaurant on a

corner of your choice and turn it into a pizza parlor with a

bar? You would be an idiot to do such a thing, and the

McDonald’s corporation would not let that happen

either. But, that’s what people do when they get handed

an opportunity. They don’t follow the directions.


If you want to be a successful blogger, you will need to

do exactly what other successful bloggers are doing.

Exactly! Don’t waste your time trying to do something

different, unless you want to waste your money and end

up frustrated.


The Bloggers Big Secrets

You more than likely wanted to read this free eBook to

learn how the pros make money blogging, and that’s

what you will get here, but let’s face the reality of

blogging for money. You won’t make money giving

everything away. None of the top bloggers would ever

make money giving everything away. I would never make

any money giving everything away, and I would have to

be a complete idiot to actually give away all of my secrets

that I learned from the best and most expensive training

courses found on the Internet. Any other successful

blogger will tell you the same.

If you’re going to make money in this business, you need

to know how it all works, and you need to do the exact

same thing every other successful blogger is doing. So,

you might as well learn the truth about how this blogging

for money process works right now.

None of the other successful bloggers give away all of

their secrets for free. They all make most of their money

selling the big secrets, and they make a ton of money

selling those secrets for $2,000 and up, but I’m going to

offer you all of those secrets and more in

for pennies on the dollar. Yep! The same secrets. I’ve


been through all of the other programs and I’ve wasted a

lot of money on dead-end programs. I know what works

and what doesn’t.

Once you understand how this entire blogging for money

process works, you will see the logic in how to make

money blogging, and you will understand why I give away

this short free eBook. This free eBook is something you

will soon be excited about receiving. This free eBook will

soon be your best friend and it will make you money.

You may have already noticed that every successful

blogger follows the same process to make money, and

you will be doing the exact same thing, if you decide to

blog about your passion. It’s like building another

McDonald’s on another busy corner. You will want to

copy the exact blueprint if you want to succeed.

Okay, here we go. Pay close attention to what you are

about to read. This is the good stuff ...

Bloggers make money by giving stuff away for free. They

give away free stuff to build their email list, and they make money by offering stuff for sale on every page of

their blog. That’s the very basics of this process.


No blogger, or successful Internet marketer ever became

successful by giving everything away. I’m going to repeat

this to drive it home and make sure you understand. No

blogger, or successful Internet marketer, ever became

successful by giving everything away.

The most successful marketers always give you

something free to build their email list, and then they

offer you something of value for a decent price later on,

but not with that smack, in your face selling process.

That’s the basics of blogging for income. I make money

following this same process, and you can make money

doing the exact same thing. It’s really that simple.

Duplicate success!

I’m about to tell you exactly how I make money and

exactly how most top bloggers make money, and you are

going to make money the exact same way. But, I’m going

to make your life much easier than I had it, and much

easier than any other blogger has had it before. I figured

out all of the initial big problems that newbie bloggers

face and I’ve solved all of those problems with those two

blogging products. I will get more into those blogging

products later and how you can get them for FREE with

one of the most incredible deals you have ever come


across. Keep that in mind. I’m not kidding you about this.

You will be quite blown away when you see what I mean.

Okay. Here it is. This is how the process works. This is

how successful bloggers make money, how I make

money and how you will make money in this business. I

blog about my passion (what I love to write about.)

Blogging about my niche is first and foremost. You must

blog about what you love or you will get tired fast.

Okay, now that was the first part of this process. The

next part is coming up.

If you got this free blogging eBook from a blog, it’s

because you landed on a blog page where you were

more than likely interested in that niche.

Basically, I’m in a pretty popular topic (niche) that

thousands of people are interested in reading about.

Having a niche with a huge interest, will be highly

important in the success of your blog.

I give away a lot of valuable, helpful information on my

blog. I also give away this basic blogging eBook you are

reading now, in order to build my email list. Building your email list will be the most important part of this process


in making you money. Every successful blogger knows

about the critical importance of building an email list.

You will learn more about the importance of building an

email list as you read along.

I also monetize every page on my blog by offering

products and services for sale. I basically offer stuff for

sale on every page of my blog through affiliate links and

banner ads. You will learn more about affiliate links later.

The monetizing your blog part is actually easy, and if you

are just now learning about monetizing a blog, you are in

for an exciting time, because the blog monetization

process will be so much easier than you could ever

imagine with The Ultimate Blog Theme. You will play

heck trying to find a better blog theme to monetize than

The Ultimate Blog Theme. You will understand what I

mean when you see the features this theme offers. I will

get more into the monetization part later.

Now, here is another little secret about blogging that you

will want to pay close attention to. I make money by

offering blogging products and services to the people

who need and want them, but I’m not in your face or

hounding you with stuff for sale. What I’m trying to say

is, you won’t get to my blog and get a smack, in your face


video sales pitch for a product or service for sale with

some price tag on it. You get the typical banner ads and

only mention of products and services if you request

information. Nothing aggressive and for a good reason

you will learn about soon.

What I am aggressive about, is giving away FREE

information to build my email list. That’s how the secret

marketing process works and exactly how you will make

money too.

I also make money by offering many other items on my

blog that are of value to people who want those items.

But, I don’t jump right up and yell out from my blog,

here, buy this now. I also don’t email out those

obnoxious sales notes that people delete and can’t stand

to get.

You will offer a lot of valuable, free stuff to build your

email list. You will offer a lot of valuable, free

information all the time in your blog posts. You will offer

personal information about yourself to help people get

to know you. You will offer your incredibly valuable stuff for sale on the sidebar of your blog, and not with that

pressured, in their face tactic that turns people off.


That’s how it all works and how you will generate a nice

income as a blogger.

That marketing model is a perfectly acceptable method

in today’s Internet world, and pretty much the only one

that works with any consistency. It’s the way of the

Internet. You see it everywhere you surf on the Internet.

The products and services I offer throughout my blog,

that cost money, will never come with a smack, in your

face type of a sales pitch, and yours shouldn’t either,

unless you want to lose money or waste your time.

People are more comfortable with this non-pressured

process as they are looking at information. Where you

sell is when they get to know you better from your blog.

People hate to be sold, but they don’t mind buying from

someone they trust when they are ready to buy.

People will also buy from you, when they get to know

you. That’s why you want to share personal information about you during this entire blogging process.

Let people get to know you in your blog. Let people into your personal life. Be transparent. That is the basics of

successful marketing.


Most people are not ready to buy at the time they find

your blog, or when they find your products and services.

Most people need to do their homework or think about

things for a while. Most people also need to get to know

you first. They need to develop trust in you.

The reason you build an email list is to keep in contact

with your visitors, because sooner or later, they will be ready to buy what you have to offer after they have

developed that trust in you. When you are the one who

is there at the time they are ready to make that

purchase, you are the one who gets the sale and earns

the commission.

If you don’t have a way of staying in contact with people,

they will forget about you and your blog, and they will

end up buying from someone else when they are finally

ready to buy. This is the main reason you want to build

your email list and nurture it.

Okay, so now you know the truth about making money

blogging and the big secret of offering a valuable free

item to help build your email list. Knowing this truth will

probably get you excited if you are thinking about getting

into the blogging business. But, this is only the tip of the


iceberg. There will be a ton more mind blowing items you

will get excited about as you learn more about this


I always want to know the truth, and that’s why I’m going

to lay it all out here. I just try to put myself in your shoes.

I’m no different than you. I have all the basic needs and

wants as you. I want to know the truth. I want to know

how it all operates. I’d rather be up front and have

integrity, than have my name plastered all over the

internet as some scam artist. I don’t operate like that and

you shouldn’t either if you want to have long lasting

success in the blogging business.


Finding The Right Niche

Now, lets take a look at the psychology of a successful

blog and a successful niche.

First, I want to talk about the highly successful blogger,

John Chow.

I must give John Chow a lot of credit. He is a very savvy

marketer. Even though he says he just rambles on in his

blog posts, he is really quite the intelligent marketer who

knows about all of the most popular topics that people

are interested in reading. He talks about fast cars,

traveling, cooking, family, electronics and his interesting

life making a lot of money as a blogger ... more than

$400,000 per year. That might sound like a lot of money,

but believe me, when you start learning more about this

business, you won’t think its a lot of money. It’s nothing

for people to earn six figure incomes in this business.

Talking about all of those hot topics in his blog is

incredibly smart marketing and the reasons why John

Chow has a large following. With a large following comes

a large email list, and with a large email list comes a lot

of income.


People envy John Chow’s lifestyle. They want to live the

life he is living. They want to earn the money he is

earning. But, many of them fail, because they don’t

choose a good niche, and they don’t know how to

market their blog.

Next, let’s take a look at a young kid by the name of

Michael Dunlap who earned a six figure income from

blogging by the time he was 18 years old. He now makes

upwards of $10,000 a day, because he stuck it out for the

duration in a popular niche. It only took him a few short

years to accomplish making the big bucks.

Just think ... you could put your nose to the grindstone

for three years and be set for life with a residual income.

Now, that IS something to think about.

Michael teaches people about making money as a

blogger. That’s basically all he does. He also follows the

basic marketing rules that every other successful blogger


Michael makes money teaching people about making

money, and that’s exactly what you will be doing, even

though you will be blogging on your niche.


I want to point out real quick here that you will notice

John Chow talks about exciting things (his niche), but he

talks a lot about blogging, and he sells blogging products

and services from his blog.

Almost all successful bloggers talk about their niche, but

they sell blogging products and services. That’s how it


The main thing people want from Michael Dunlap is the

success and the amount of money he earns. They think, if

this young, punk kid can make all that money, they can

do the same. They are right too. But most of them fail,

because they don’t follow the same process, and they fail

at choosing a good niche. If you could duplicate the same

process Michael offers, you would be earning a six figure

income too, and you could be having $10,000 income

days just like Michael.

If your popular niche can reach out to people and make a

difference in their life, and if you sell blogging products

and services from your blog at the same time, you will be

successful beyond your imagination.

Is there something you love to do, and know that you can

help other people with your knowledge? Is your passion


(your niche) in an industry where people all over the

world will have a huge interest? If it is, you are off to a

good start, and you could turn your passion into a nice

income in this blogging business.

If you want to make a nice living blogging, you will need

to learn how to blog about something that you love, but

also interests thousands of people.

You will also need to have products or services you can

offer on your blog to make money. That’s how all

successful bloggers make big money. Now, with that said,

here is another cool part about ... This blogging product and the other products I will mention in

here has already saved you the massive time and trouble

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actually save months of hard work in creating products

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money very quickly. I will explain more of the details as

your read through this eBook.

Choosing your niche is where you will need to be careful.

You might feel incredibly passionate about your niche,

but what you think is a good niche might not be a good

niche for blogging success.


If you feel emotional about your niche, you might want

to step back and think about it from a logical point of

view, before you build a blog around it. Get feedback

from people if you are not sure about your niche.

Look at the top bloggers and what they talk about. Be

smart and think about your topic. You can’t talk about

toe nail clipping and hope to get a huge following.

Think about how many people are interested in your

topic. As long as there is a huge following in your

industry, and you can always offer great advice about

that niche, you have a great chance at earning a nice

income as a blogger.

The top bloggers are not only smart about picking their

topic (their niche), they are smart about following the

same marketing process other successful bloggers follow.

I want to pipe in here and tell you, if you don’t have a

niche or topic right now, you can find a hot topic to blog

about and learn to love helping people in that hot topic.

You could discover that reaching out to help people will

really turn you on, and then you will end up loving what

you do. Keep that in mind.


There is a real “high” you will get when helping people,

no matter what you do to help them. When you know

you are making a difference in other people’s lives, there

will be a great satisfaction in that process. With that said,

you could actually create a blog about teaching people

how to make money blogging, just like Michael Dunlap

and many other bloggers do, and you can learn to enjoy

that process, especially when the money starts coming


If you can solve a problem or help a lot of people

improve their lives in some way, you can find a winning

combination and enjoy the process of blogging.


Choosing A Blog Theme

If you choose to operate a blog, and want to earn income

from your blog, you have several options to consider

when choosing a theme layout for your blog. But, I’m

going to point out one incredible blog theme layout in

particular that will save you a ton of time and money,

after I talk about your options for choosing a blog theme.

You are also going to make money from this blog theme

once you get into blogging. I’m talking about making

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This free eBook that you are reading now, and this entire

marketing process will not only make your life so much

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free eBook will soon be your best friend if you decide to

get into the blogging business. If you are still trying to

figure out what I mean by that, stick around and finish

reading this eBook.

Okay, let’s talk about blog themes for a few minutes.

Let me first add in here that a blog theme is the actual

layout of a blog. It’s the design, the look and feel. It’s

how the blog looks on each page and how the blog


functions on each page. When you land on a blog and it

has a particular look and feel, that’s what’s considered

the theme.

Many companies sell blog themes, but there are some

ups and downs and things to avoid with buying blog

themes from those companies that you will soon learn

about. I’m going to give you the scoop to help save you

time and money, because I’ve wasted a lot of time and

money buying bad blog themes and I want to save you

from that headache.

If you have a lot of money, you could have a special blog theme designed and programmed. Building and

designing your own blog theme could cost $2,000 or

more if you have the right knowledge, but I’m going to

save you that entire hassle and all of that money too. I

will actually save you months of hard work and

thousands of dollars. I will tell you about that blog theme

in a minute.

You could also buy a nicely designed theme from one of

several companies that offer blog themes for sale, and

you could struggle through the process of trying to figure

out how it all works and how to monetize your new blog

theme. I tried that route of spending long hours


searching through hundreds of blog themes and buying

several different themes for $70 per theme, but still,

never was happy. I basically struggled to find a decent

blog theme that would help me accomplish the goals of

making the blog newsworthy and easily monetized.

One of the other problems I had was having the themes

fall apart when doing a WordPress update. I will get more

into that later on. Don’t worry. I will teach you everything

I know to help you avoid a potential mess of lost time

and money.

Since I had to struggle through that entire process and

spend all of that money on several other blog themes, I

finally decided to spend the money and have one

incredible blog theme specially designed to meet all of

my needs. You don’t have to struggle like I did and you

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During the design process of that blog theme, I also kept

everyone else’s needs in mind. I knew I was going to sell

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Using The Ultimate Blog Theme will save you months of

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Since The Ultimate Blog Theme is already a newsworthy

style, clean-looking, structured and comes ready made

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Ultimate Blog Theme coming up.

Regardless of the topic or niche you choose to offer, your

blog theme should look clean, professional and

structured. A few bloggers have achieved success with a

bare bones layout, but most of the successful blog

themes offer a cleaner design style.

If you are offering news of any kind, it will help

tremendously if your blog theme looks newsworthy,

clean and professional, the very second people see your

blog for the first time. Since most any topic is basically

news, why not simply choose a newsworthy looking blog

theme with a clean design?


Whenever I land on a clean-looking, well structured,

newsworthy site, I tend to stay longer and want to see

more of what’s going on. I’m talking about that subtle,

visual excitement your brain gets when you land on a

nicely designed blog page. It’s when your internal dialog

says, hmm, this is nice. What’s going on here? You may

have seen a million web pages, but some web pages

happen to give you a bit more of that “want to stay

longer” feeling.

The more professional your blog looks, the more it will

be perceived as credible, and people will just stay longer

to see what’s going on.

If you’ve ever visited, or, set

up with The Ultimate Blog Theme, you probably thought

they were nice, clean-looking sites. That’s the same

reaction you want from visitors to your blog.

Your blog theme should have structure. Structure gives

your pages a cleaner, more professional look. A

professional look will give your blog instant credibility.

Professional look and feel sends an instant message to

your visitors and they end up staying longer.


Let me use for example. Each page on Yahoo

looks clean and crisp. Most of the pages on Yahoo also

have many different ad types and sizes. Since people are

conditioned to seeing ads on a clean-looking,

newsworthy site, your blog will gain instant credibility if

it also looks clean, newsworthy and has perfectly placed,

colorful ads.

I need to pipe up here again and say something about

ads on a website. I used to be one of those people who

hated seeing ads on websites. But now, I love seeing ads

on web pages. You will love seeing them too if you

decide to get into blogging. Ads will soon become your

best friend, because each ad on your site will offer the

potential for making money.

Most any website or blog offers ads of all kinds. Having

ads on every page of your blog is perfectly acceptable

and gives your site more credibility, especially when you

offer familiar named ads.

Monetizing a blog is not an easy task with many of the

themes available. There will usually be some type of

work (adjustments) that needs to be done to your theme

to monetize it that way you want. The extra work costs


additional money and time. You can avoid all of that with

The Ultimate Blog Theme.

It all comes back to The Ultimate Blog Theme and its

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The Ultimate Blog Theme gives you everything you need

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Even if you already have one or more blog themes

already set up, you can use one of several cool email

optin boxes with the cool graphics and free giveaways to


help build your email list faster. You can find those cool

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The Key To Making Money From Your Blog

People love to earn money. The thought of making six

figures and working at home is always a huge

enticement. Of course, who wouldn’t want to earn six

figures and be their own boss? You’d have to be crazy to

not want that. So, the big secret to making money in your

niche, is combining your popular niche with teaching

people how to make money as a blogger. When you add

those two together, you have a winning combination.

I want to make sure you understood what I just wrote.

Here it is one more time, and just because I feel the need

to put a ton of emphasis on this: the big secret to making

money in your niche, is combining your popular niche

with teaching people how to make money as a blogger.

When you add those two together, you have a winning

combination. All of the top money making bloggers

follow this same process.

If you have a niche where you can also offer items for

sale, related to your niche, that process also works and is

an extra benefit. But, when you add both your niche and

helping people to make money, you’ve just lined your

shelves with more exciting products and services to sell.

You’ve given yourself a better chance for success, and


you’ve also given other people a chance for success. This

is what most successful bloggers do. If you can help make

other people successful, you will be successful. You can’t

avoid being successful if you can help others.

Here is the bottom line: if you are going to make any

serious money at blogging, you need to combine a

popular niche with teaching people how to make money

blogging. Your blog needs to help people and improve

their lives in a great way, and teaching people how to

make money is probably one of the best ways to improve

someone’s life. John Chow does it. Michael Dunlap does

it, and a boat load of others follow the same process.

When people see your incredible looking blog and they

find out that you are making money from it, they will

want to know how you make money blogging. That’s why

you offer them the same opportunity, in the same way I

am offering this opportunity to you through this free

eBook. You are going to duplicate this entire process, and

you will learn more about how to easily accomplish that


Let’s face it. If you’re going to make money in this

blogging business, you will need to follow the same steps

that every other successful blogger is following.


Hugely successful bloggers teach people how to blog for

money, and they talk about something that interests a

massive audience. Those are the very basics of being a

successful blogger.

People are enjoying freedom from this process, and the

really cool part, is you are helping people all the way

around, without being obnoxious. You are simply

teaching people how to make money and you have a

service to offer that makes their blogging life much

easier. It’s almost like paying it forward.

Everyone knows that most every blog and web site on

the Internet has banner ads and offers items for sale. It’s

the way of the Internet. It’s acceptable. If you don’t offer

stuff for sale, you are only cheating yourself, and believe

it or not, if you don’t offer the opportunities, you are

actually cheating other people who might want to get

into the blogging business.

There might be someone in the world who needs to see a

blog from you, that offers an avenue for them to earn

money blogging, and if you don’t create a blog that offers

an avenue for them to make money, people who are

searching for a way to make money, in the same niche as


you offer, could miss out on the opportunity. Plus, you

will miss out on making money helping them. That’s

quite a profound bit of information to ponder.

Here is one more cool bit of profound information.

People in your niche are not your competition. They are

actually your allies and will help make you a lot more

money when you learn how to take advantage of all the

intense marketing tips from the coaching program. I will get more into your allies a little later.

Ads make your blog look more professional and credible.

The more professional your site pages look, with graphics

and the right ads, the more people feel comfortable and

want to stay looking around. All of those items are

stimulating visual eye candy.

People are always looking for a way to earn extra money,

especially in this day and age, and if your niche is large

enough, there will be plenty of people in your niche who

will want to set up their own blog for money.

Having this extra option on your blog, of offering other

people a way to learn how to blog for money, helps to

build your email list and offers you another avenue to


earn extra income from your blog. It benefits you and

your visitors.

Think about it like this ... if you got this free blogging

eBook, because you visited my blog, in my niche, and you

got into blogging with the help of the

program, after you read this eBook, you could be making

money from the same process, and also reaching out to

help other people the same way I will have helped you.

So, let’s take another look at it. What if you got into

blogging, because you read this eBook and you were

earning a nice income in a year or two? Imagine that. I

will have helped you, because I offered information

about making money blogging.

Are you starting to get the idea of how this all works?

You are basically duplicating the same process and

making money doing it, but in your popular niche. This is the way it works. This is the way all of the top bloggers

make the big money and this is the way you will make

money blogging.

To reiterate and simplify this process even more ... if you

got this free eBook from my blog, and if you get into

blogging as a result of reading this eBook, I will make


money from you buying the coaching program, The Ultimate Blog Theme and PopUp

Domination. Then, you will set up the same blog theme style, with your niche, and make money offering this

same free eBook from the sidebar opt-in box on your

blog. The visitors who sign up to receive this same free

blogging eBook from your blog sidebar, will have the

same opportunity to get the Blogchise program and all of

the other great blogging products, and you will earn

commissions (money) from introducing them to blogging.

That last paragraph may have thrown some of you for a

loop if you are not familiar with the Internet affiliate

marketing process. Don’t stop reading.

If you don’t know anything about the affiliate marketing

process, and how to make money on the Internet, hang

in there, because there’s more coming. This will all start

getting really exciting, and more interesting.

You will make money by duplicating proven success. I’m

only making the process much easier on you with this

information and blogging products.

Once you understand this affiliate marketing process,

your life will change forever, and you will know how


people make a lot of money from the Internet. I will

explain more about the affiliate process later.

So, how do you make money from a blog? Everything in

your blog will make you money. All of the links on every

one of your blog pages will make you money. All of the

banner ads will make you money. Your email list will

make you money. Your newsletter will make you money.

The Blogchise coaching program will make you money.

This free eBook will make you money. Everything on your

blog should be making you money. If it’s not, you are

losing money and you are actually depriving people of

great benefits by not offering all of the cool stuff for sale

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Just think, if you introduced someone to blogging,

because you started a blog and offered this same free

eBook, and that person started their own blog and went

on to earn a nice income, their success will have been

because of your efforts of trying to make money by

introducing people to blogging. You will have helped

someone. You will have changed someone’s life. You can

make a difference in the world and make money.


You could help a lot of people by starting your own blog

and you can make money at the same time. Wow! What

a concept!

Have you ever been to Perez Hilton’s blog? He’s made

millions of dollars from ads on both sides of his content.

He has a lot of traffic from his huge following, and

companies pay premium prices for ad space on his blog.

When you build enough traffic, you can also charge for

ad space, if that’s something you want to do on down the


You won’t need to worry about building traffic to your

blog either. The Blogchise coaching program will teach you all of the best marketing tips for driving free traffic to your blog. You will make money from the Blogchise

coaching program too. All you have to do is become an

affiliate of and place

banners on your blog pages.

If you are new to this entire process, all of that

information was probably a lot to swallow. Don’t let this

all scare you. It was a lot for me to swallow too in the

beginning. But, the more I dug in and learned, the more I

could see how great the opportunities were and how

easy it all got. The entire process all eventually gets small


once you learn it. Anything new will always seem quite

large, but it always gets small and simple once you learn

it and do it.

Keep in mind about what I talked about earlier when I

mentioned you will need to go through a learning

process on any new job. You just have to ask yourself if

you want to give yourself a better chance to earn more

money, or if you want to work for “the man” for the rest