Sirat-E-Habibullah (Pbuh) HTML version

Habibullah (pbuh) means Allah the
almighty’s most loved person. There
are millions of pages of literature
available on this subject i.e. The
Biography or Sirat of the Holy
Prophet Muhmmad (Peace Be Upon
The aim of this humble effort of
writing this book is to provide
information about the Holy Prophet
Muhmmad (Peace Be Upon Him). To
the extent possible I have tried to give
information in simple English and
easy to read ready reckoner type
Each and every detail on this vast
subject can not be accommodated in
such a small book. All care has been
taken in writing this book. Even after
taking this much care if any error is
found I humbly apologize from the
Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta’la) and the
Holy Prophet Muhmmad (Sallallahu