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You sure have heard a lot about Forex. You could have came across sites that support the


great profit potential of this market. And the craziest of all: Some people have the audacity to
support products that promise millions through Forex!
Books and promotions about how to


become a millionaire, how to turn 10,000 USD to a million USD and many more. Well, do not be
mislead. Believe me! Lies in every one of them! These are the Forex scams


The truth is that Forex has a great potential for profits! Yes this is true. So what is the
catch? Forex is also the riskiest of all markets!
It is easy to lose all your account's money in a


trade, as it easy to double your accounts money in a trade. Forex trading should be approached with


a professionalism. But you need the proper education to develop your own profitable trading


strategy. So the whole truth is that it is possible to achieve financial freedom through Forex
trading but you need the proper education!


None has ever traded profitably without the proper education in trading. The good news are
that you do not need a financial degree to be a successful trader
. Before investing in Forex for


real you should invest some time in your education. But even when starting to learn more, you


could get easily over your head and disoriented, due to the vast amount of information available


about Forex. Do not worry! After all these years of trading and teaching experience I finally
concluded to a guideline for an amateur or an intermediate trader of Forex
. Follow this guide and you will not lose. In