Silence of a Soldier


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It was 1942. The fight for the Philippines was over. Japan was the victor. American POW's sat beneath the burning April sun in the fields of Mariveles. Bub Merrill looked out to sea to see an outline of American held Corregidor, tantalizingly close, just three miles away across the bay, but orders had come down not to try the swim. Most of them were too weak to make it anyway. So began the Bataan Death March. At the point of a bayonet, 75,000 U.S. and Filipino POW's carried sacks of rice, dried fish and ammunition for the Japanese move across the Philippines. Thousands died. Bub survived. This is his story.

Harry Potter

Loved the book! I've been to both Pusan and Manila twice in 1985-86 and was unaware of the history that took place at both locations. Coincidently, my late wife is buried in Mio, Mi. and I've been to Petoskey on several occasions. It would have been an honor to have met Mr. Merrill in person.

Paul Rowe

This book is WELL worth reading! I thoroughly enjoyed this brave man's story.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fascinating true life story of human endurance!


In some cases it is good to forget and in other cases it is good to remember. One thing is for sure; the wheel turns

Elmer Romulo Valdez

this is a story about heroes during the 2nd world war. good read!

Ian Kydd' Miller

What an interesting read, disturbing but also showing the strength of the human charecter. Well done 'lest we forget'...


William J. Duggan

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