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Chapter 11
In this, the final chapter of the record of these seances, I shall give, as briefly as
possible, the events of the day following the third sitting. I shall explain the
mystery of Arthur Wells's death, and I shall give the solution arrived at by the
Neighborhood Club as to the strange communications from the medium, Miss
Jeremy, now Sperry's wife.
But there are some things I cannot explain. Do our spirits live on, on this earth
plane, now and then obedient to the wills of those yet living? Is death, then, only
a gateway into higher space, from which, through the open door of a "sensitive"
mind, we may be brought back on occasion to commit the inadequate absurdities
of the physical seance?
Or is Sperry right, and do certain individuals manifest powers of a purely physical
nature, but powers which Sperry characterizes as the survival of some long-lost
development by which at one time we knew how to liberate a forgotten form of
Who can say? We do not know. We have had to accept these things as they
have been accepted through the ages, and give them either a spiritual or a purely
natural explanation, as our minds happen to be adventurous or analytic in type.
But outside of the purely physical phenomena of those seances, we are provided
with an explanation which satisfies the Neighborhood Club, even if it fails to
satisfy the convinced spiritist. We have been accused merely of substituting one
mystery for another, but I reply by saying that the mystery we substitute is not a
mystery, but an acknowledged fact.
On Tuesday morning I wakened after an uneasy night. I knew certain things,
knew them definitely in the clear light of morning. Hawkins had the letters that
Arthur Wells had found; that was one thing. I had not taken Ellingham's stick to