Shorts With Poetry HTML version

twenty feet across the yard from the thicket of the woods to its new home
we had to do it without discovery by our dear loving mother because if she
apprehended us she would surely take no prisoners!
Thinking quickly how to avoid capture I sent my next to the youngest
seven year old sister inside to acquire the services of our two year old baby
sister to man the lookout post so we could begin our plan to conquer our
mighty foe the Tortoise! After a lot of bribing, threatening, and promising
our crafty toddler lookout, we negotiated a deal with the young shyster and
began our endeavor of wills against our worthy adversary the dangerous
and vicious turtle.
My eight year old (the oldest) sister was frightened of our enemy
because of the ridges and points on its shell and head not to mention the
colossal claws on its feet. The only thing she would agree to do to help us
in our quest of entrapment was stand a half piece of paneling board in front
of the menacing creature to hinder its escape back into the wooded thicket
and from the clutches of me and my seven year old sister‟s aggressive and
relentless attack. Having thought out our ill-devised plans as well as kids of
that age could we began our careful assault using a push me pull me effect
with a garden hoe and rack from the back porch, which our mother used to
prune her flower beds. I would push our heavy ugly new pet with the hoe
towards the cement pond until I couldn‟t reach our quarry anymore without
endangering my bare feet and toes. Then my sister would use the teeth of
the garden rake to grab the far side of our foes shell and pull with all her
might while running backwards towards the concrete cell till the determined
turtle would wiggle free of the garden rakes grasp. Upon his escape, he
always gave chase to one of us for a short distance which even though a
bit frightening would start a barrage of laughter and giggling amongst us.
Before I realized it, our toddler sentry had abandoned her post and joined
us in our festivities of fleeing and giggling from our slow adversary, which at
the time was alright, with the rest of us because we were having a grand
and wonderful time. Then absolute horror shuddered through the very souls
of all of us including our inattentive preschool guard.
Hearing the creaking and the slamming of the spring loaded rickety
screen door, we reacted in a timely manner to save our threatened hides.
Quickly thinking my oldest sister placed the paneling board between the
turtle (who to all of our surprise didn‟t make a run for it) and our mother so
she would think we were just playing and having a good time. It was not as
if we were disobeying her by design. We were hoping and trying to have a
new friend and pet in this new town. After rendering a quick survey of our
playground, slash battlefield, she barked the order for us to continue as she