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All This and More
The dark figure brought him up to the top of the steeple and showed him the city. They could see
thousands upon thousands of people walking around and going about their business.
ÐI can give you control of all of these people. You will own each and every one of them, have
control of them, and have possession of everything they own including their children and their
children’s children. I will give you all this and more if you will bow to me.
ÐIt is written, you shall not tempt the LORD your God,“ the man said.
The dark figure then brought the man up to the hill overlooking the whole city and surrounding
countryside. They could see the outlines of hundreds of buildings, thousands of houses, and very
many farms with big open fields.
ÐI will give you control of the entire city. You will own all of the land and every single
house that you see. All of the profits that the businesses make will go to you. You will be richer
than the king of this land if you will kiss my hand.“
ÐIt is written, man does not live by bread alone,“ the man said.
The dark figure then brought the man up to stand on the tallest mountain of the land. He could
see dozens of cites scattered across the landscape. There were palaces, kingdoms, buildings a
thousand times taller than a man. They saw oceans and the shores of other lands yet to be
ÐI will give you control of every living thing on this Earth. You will be able to command
every man, beast, bird, and fish at your will. Everyone will bow to you and would gladly die for
you if you so wished it. I will give you all this and more if you would simply follow me.“
ÐI already have control of these things. For I am the son of God and there is nothing that
you may give me control over that I do not already control. Be gone, Satan, and leave me be!“
The great man turned his head away from the dark figure in disgust.
The dark figure gave him a scowl with his black eyes. A small, disdainful smile crept slowly into
his lips and he gave a bow to the man.
ÐAs you wish, 'great' lord“ He said with disdain. ÐSince there is nothing that I can give
that can entice you, I will make my leave. I hope that the people that you care for so much will
be as kind to you as I have.“ And with a flourish he disappeared.
Jesus sank to his knees as the angels came to tend to him.