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Short Stories
By P June
The Road
I was traveling down a road with only the knowledge that I needed to get to a certain destination
but not knowing exactly which place I had to go to and how I was going to get there and then I
stopped. There I stood. I looked to my left and I saw one of the most beautiful settings I had ever
seen in my life. There were these big huge hills, bigger than mountains. Their color was light
green emerald, with hints of blue. I could see they were covered with trees, with life. And they
were far into the distance, one hill after the next. Then I looked to my right and I saw a dark
desert that was on a much lower altitude than where I was standing. It was so desolate; it was
dark, dark brown and black in the center of the landscape and a lighter yellow brownish color
around the edges. There was a windstorm in that direction and the wind blew the dust high over
and surrounding the desert. I could hear the wind blowing deeply and ominously. Suddenly
finding myself looking at such strange scenes surrounding me, I felt faint and frightened and
sank to my knees. I sat on the ground.
But that’s not the strangest part. The strangest part was that there was a man standing beside me
on this large path that had such completely different scenes on both sides. This man was tall, he
had dark hair and was sort of bulky. He wasn’t fat, but he wasn’t skinny either. He had a very
handsome face and he was standing about two feet away from me.
ÐHow are you?“ he asked.
I answered. ÐI’m fine,“ As I usually answer to people I hardly know.
ÐThat’s very good“ He said. He then crouched down low to the ground so that we were
meeting eye to eye.
ÐAllow me to outline my purpose in bringing you hereÈ“
I turned my head away. I didn’t want to listen to him. The next thing I knew he was right in front
of me, very close to me. I felt very frightened. I wanted to get up, to run away from this strange
man who could move from one place to the next in the blink of an eye. He held my arm fast so
that I couldn’t escape. I didn’t feel frightened anymore, I knew who he was; he was my guardian
angel. And I was dead. He then gently cupped my head in his hands and kissed my forehead with
the softest kiss I had ever received, almost like the kiss of a woman. I gave him my hand and we
both stood up. He then took me to my destination.