Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

have three. And those?” he pointed to square cakes
with an amber-colored jelly on top.
“The apple squares?”
“Yes,” he smiled. Again he was surprised at the
As he set his bags on the ground to get his
money, he couldn’t help noticing that she kept
staring at the apple square cakes. He was not a
wealthy young man, but there was no hesitation.
“Could I invite you to share an apple square with
me?” he asked.
“Oh! No, thank you,” she blushed shyly.
“Please? Don’t be shy!”
“Oh no, I couldn’t,” she avoided his eyes.
“Well, then, for later,” he smiled as he took an
apple square out from the bag she had packaged
them in and placed it in front of her on the counter.
She looked down and smiled, “thank you.”
He nodded with kind eyes, picked up his bags
and was out of the bakery. With that apple square he
did not simply feed her for that one day, but fed her
love for people for the rest of her life.