Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

The Girl at the Bakery Shop
The cars hustled by on the narrow streets in
Latin America. It was truly amazing for the observer
to see how cars could move so efficiently, coming
within a finger’s width of touching another car and
not doing so.
He waited patiently for the cars to move and,
while keeping an eye on the other streets feeding into
that one, finally crossed the street.
He had almost everything he needed; all the
major necessities for living were in his heavy bags
He now stood directly in front of the bakery; the
sweet smell of the pies and cookies made his already
growling stomach roar even louder. This was the last
stop before he would get home and make something
to eat.
As he entered the bakery he noticed there was no
one at the register. The smell was even more alluring
inside! The sweet cherry tarts were whispering sweet
enticements from behind the glass door! The
cinnamon rolls were batting their eyes at him!
Finally a girl came out from the back door and
greeted him with a kind smile, “What can I get for
“How much are those?” he asked pointing to
small vanilla cakes in a glass display case on the
counter. He was surprised by the low price. “Let me