Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

approached the house I could see what it was: a jar
of fireflies!
My heart leapt from my chest and into my
throat. As the light drew closer to my window, I
began to hear a sweet sound in the air. A guitar! My
heart then found a new, faster, sweeter rhythm to
beat to. It was the sweetest song I had ever heard,
and what a voice! His fingers strummed the strings
and his words pierced my heart. After the song
finished, he threw a small rock through my window.
There was a letter tied to it, it read:
I feel very special being next to you. Yesterday at
the river we made a memory that I will keep in the
deepest depths of my heart. My heart raced as you
lay in my arms and fell asleep. I wish I could’ve
stayed in that moment forever.
Good night,