Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

Pierre thought and thought what he could give her for
her birthday, he scribbled ideas on paper to get a
clearer vision of what would make her the happiest.
He didn’t have much money and knew that he could
not compete with the gifts from the other young men.
I had one more day to get her her gift. It had to be
perfect- no less would do. I didn’t even bother
counting my money as I knew I could not by
something suitable for her. What good would a cheap
gift do her?
As I walked through town looking at all the beautiful
dresses that I wished I could buy for her, I saw a
man selling ice cream. “That’s the kind of thing she
would appreciate,” I said to myself. I sat on a bench
and watched the people; some were enjoying their ice
cream, others walking, and still others sitting and
talking with friends. The whole world was oblivious
to my current predicament.
After what seemed like an eternity in thought, I
finally stood up and walked more. Time was my
enemy now! I walked alongside some more stores
and boutiques -such beautiful jewelry! Any diamond
or band of gold would be dimmed next her smile, her
eyes! I considered myself very lucky to have such a
bittersweet predicament. Finally I found her the
perfect gift.
The day finally came. It was her birthday and we all
arrived at her house. As expected, the young men
gave her the most beautiful necklaces with the most
exquisite of pearls, the finest gold, and the most
precious of stones. I have to admit that I was a little