Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

Gold or Aluminum?
The man walked into the jewelry store. His eyes
strolled over the large collection of rings. There were
some that really caught his eye. He had enough
money for any ring he chose.
“May I see that one?” he asked the attendant,
pointing to a gold ring with 3 diamonds encrusted in
the center. “It’s beautiful –I’ll take it.” The size was a
fit as well. He paid and left with his purchase.
Another man walked in and his eyes gleamed
over the large collection of precious metals. His eyes
were fixed upon one in particular. He had enough
money for any one that he wanted, much more
money than the first man. He motioned to the
attendant to take it out for a closer observation. With
a surprised look, the attendant took out the ring and
walked over to help another customer.
“I want this one. It’s perfect,” the man said after
a few minutes.
“Very well, Sir. What size?”
“Six, thank you.”
“Very well, Sir, Aluminum in size six. It will be
ready in two days.”
Even though it may be attainable, not every
person wishes for the most precious things in life.