Short Stories from Carlos Salinas HTML version

September 24th
Rafael and I kissed today! He took me to see the
stars with his telescope. He is so smart; he explained
how the planets moved and told me about some guy
named Galileo. I could listen to him talk about
anything. After eating, we went to the park just as
the sun was setting and the stars were gorgeous. I
love to look at the night’s sky but it felt very different
seeing them with Rafael next to me. I put my head on
his shoulder and although it was not as soft as a
pillow, it was much more comforting. He kissed my
forehead and I did not see anything else but him
after that. The moonlight covered us in a pale
blanket of luminosity and the stars seemed to put on
a show just for us. They twinkled more than I had
ever seen before. Everything seemed to make more
sense: the patterns of the constellations, the cool
breeze blowing, and the harmony of the crickets.
Before the crickets had just made noise; now they
played an orchestrated symphony.
It wasn’t until the very end of our adventure that
he leaned in to kiss me as he left me at my door. It
was incredible! The smallest kiss made the biggest
difference in my life.
“Thank you,” I whispered.
“For what?” he asked.
“For showing me that princes do exist.”
I do not know what will happen or where he will
lead me, but I know I am not lost.